Residents of Evpatoria are discussing lively the arrangement of a “children’s park” in the former protected area of the resort near Lake Moinaki on social networks. Outrage is caused by the danger of the resulting building for children, for which it has already been called “scrap metal for suicides” and also by the cost of the object of 55 million rubles, announced by the “authorities” and by the “cost” of its components, such as benches, for 610 thousand rubles also.

As the “public figure” Alexander Melomed, “oppositionist” to the current head of the “administration” Roman Tikhonchuk, told, the goal of the “administration” was not only to “launder money” by building a “children’s park” on the outskirts of the city, but also to demolish a similar complex, that was built in the central resort park of Evpatoria before the occupation, apelling to the fact of the new park constructed.

There Tikhonchuk allegedly plans to build instead his own amusement park “Zabava”. At the same time, Yevpatoria residents recalled to the the “truth-seeker” Melomed, an active supporter of the former “iron mayor” of the resort Filonov, the purchase of benches for a million rubles each, and the corruption deals on the tourist project “Little Jerusalem”, which was a ‘calling card’ of the resort before the occupation, but has recently declined now.