Experts of the Association sent to the Ministry of Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories prepared comments and proposals to the draft Law of Ukraine “On State Policy of Transitional Period”. This project was announced by the Ministry in January 2021 for public discussion.

The remarks indicate that one law is not enough for the legal regulation of all areas. A whole branch of transitional law is needed, and this branch must be combined with the achievements of other sciences in the field of conflict resolution and overcoming. For such complex legal phenomena it is more expedient to create a whole set of legal acts. The comments also provide a critical assessment of the terms and conditions proposed by the project, regarding a significant number of general declarative norms of the project, regarding the project’s approach to ensuring the rights of indigenous peoples.

The comments state that the administrative procedure proposed by the project for the recognition of agreements and documents formed in the occupied territories creates risks of restricting the rights of individuals and creates huge corruption challenges, for which the project does not provide any obstacles. This is especially true of transactions concerning property located in the occupied territories, the “convalidation” of which may lead to the acquisition of rights to things, including real estate, obtained by criminal or manifestly unlawful tools during the occupation.