In Sevastopol, the swindlers keep on robbing the luckless colonizers who arrive in large numbers in the hero-city. Those events are highlighted by the press controlled by the occupants, as well. The orchestrated scandal broke out, in particular, over the conflict around the housing complex Ostriakovo in which the builder had sold five flats twice. Four nondomestic rooms on 244 General Ostriakov Ave. and 9-A Stepanian Street  had been sold by the builder, too [1].

Besides, the propagandists declare the builder, i.e. the building society, has not done anything for taking the houses into use for over five years. Therefore, the security, defence and law enforcement agencies of the occupants instituted criminal proceedings on the Fraud on an Especially Large Scale, affirming there are the problems related with the consideration the land lot and violations during the construction  [2]. However, the occupants do not tell that all the problems related with the Russian documents and considerations were faced by the builder at first because the construction was started by the builder before the occupation [3].

The then owner of Ostriakovo subleased the above-mentioned land lot from the legal person. The land lot was not reregistered in the Russian legal framework after the start of the occupation. Therefore, the invaders declared that the land lot on which the houses are being built is in the state ownership. Thus, naturally, they were not going to issue a free new license for the construction.

At present, the news agency ForPost that is loyal to the certain suits of the occupation authority got into the act of highlighting the topic, trumpeting the watchful prosecutor’s office that, actually, thought the sum of money the builder offered them to ‘get everything done’ was not enough. Roman Oleynik who was one of the shareholders of the building society 2015 told the propagandists that another chairman came to power in Ostriakovo in 2020. The new chairman informed the purchaser that the flat belongs to another owner.  

‘I am the second purchaser of the mentioned real-estate. The first ones are unknown to me. I managed to find out that the contracts had been concluded on the day and the same year, and marked under the same number. To cut a long story short, those are the cloned contracts’, the formal owner of the two office rooms Nikolay Brovchak told. As the propagandists discovered, the flats in Ostriakovo are still offered by a number of the real-estate companies. Their agents assure that the deals are completely safe. Although, they offer their clients a share transmission instead of flat purchase. 

The most interesting thing is that the same very bad builder, i.e. OOO Agro has been previously mentioned by the occupants in their documents as an enterprise, which is systemically important for the economy of Sevastopol. Apart from that, OOO Agro was entered on the list of legal persons for whom the government of Sevastopol were going to offer the indulgences in spite of the quarantine regimen [4].