In Simferopol Region, in occupied Crimea, on Sunday, the mobile store and drug-store were set on fire. That was reported by the Department of the Supervising Activity in Simferopol Region. Thus, in Davydovka Village, the fire that started in one of the drug-store building threw itself over the near-by mobile store. 

As they report, the roof of the one-storey back room of the drug-store was afire. There was a threat that the fire would spread over the near-by two-storey building of the mobile store. 

‘The funds and forces of the Federal Fire-Fighting Service were sent. In the result of the fire, the roof of the mobile store, the belongings, the roof of the drug-store were damaged and destroyed by the flames that spread over the area of about 40 square meters’, the message reports.

It is likely that the fire broke out because of the emergency mode of the electric equipment operation. The details are being fleshed out.