On Friday 22nd, in Yevpatoria, the occupation authorities solemnly opened Moynaksk Park after its reconstruction. As it was declared, 57 million roubles were allotted for the current project according to the programme of the so-called formation of a comfortable city environment. 

Nevertheless, not many of the citizens went into raptures over the renovations that had been done.    ‘Unfortunately, the improvement of the public areas in Yevpatoria, which costs hundreds of millions of budget roubles, is apparently not flawless.  The improvement of Moynaksk Park is not an exception. In the park, the restroom is absent; there are mountains of material debris and disputable constructions. Moreover, there is nary other canopy in the park. There are the flaws, which are more serious as far as there is no tackled pedestrian crossing on the damaged and dangerous road junction. In addition, there is no tackled parking lot. Who gives the tasks for the construction? Who is a designer? Who approves the design?’ the citizens of Yevpatoria report in the social networks.

At the same time, such works have become a standard practice in the city. As the locals point out, there is a stormwater drainage that is out of work in Veteran Square, there are also a not functioning restroom and not comfortable bacterial lawns with pits and stones in Zaozernyi Square.