The avalanche of indignation was induced with the initiative offered by the public organization of collaborates Druzhba Narodov. They suggested making the perpetuation of Ivan Imgrunt who was the mayor of the city and allegedly died from the complications of COVID-19 in 2019-2020. The official kicked the bucket soon after he was vaccinated with the Russian vaccine together with the godfather of the child of the Russian president. The offer made the people of Yalta become indignant. Imgrunt was remembered thanks to his corruption as well as his work for the bandits, the attempts of imposing the levy on all the people who, one way or the other, tried to survive in the circumstances of the occupation, the ugly reconstructions, and destruction of the red book grove for the sake of the ugly high-rise building in Schors Street. 

Even the local conformists and the people of Yalta who were paid money from the city administration criticized the suggestion on the perpetuation of Ivan Imgrunt who ‘did a lot for Yalta’. Only Aleksandr Chernomorov, the former deputy who had run the Russkoye Yedinstvo to 2004 and who lives in Kyiv now, came down in favour of the side of him. The local people of Yalta who face the consequences of Imgrunt’s annual watch in Yalta sent a few choice words Imgrunt’s way.  

They all agreed that Imgrunt was the worst manager. Aleksandr Timofeyev, the journalist who was paid by Yalta administration a salary, also called the idea a ‘delirium’. His chief Tatiana Panina rejected the idea of installing the monuments with plates and suggested introducing a name prize for the best janitors to commemorate the dead mayor. The authorities who were loyal to all the initiatives, some entrepreneurs and public-spirited persons told that Imgrunt did nothing for the city, got an excessively high salary and people remember him only due to his homo Sovieticus populism. Aleksey Bologov who helped the Russian secret services to seize the Ukrainian administrative building and who, later on, became a hero of the Crimean Spring suggested to mummify Imgrunt and monkey up a mausoleum on the bacterial lawn.

Moreover, for the occasion, they reminded themselves of the plant Arbent that disfigured Yalta with its reconstructions and the kickbacks which helped Imgrunt and his partners Sergey Aksenov and Andrey Rostenko to share the plant itself. At first, the son of the managing director of the hostel Bristol Sviatoslav Kurashyn pointed out that the monument was a good idea, but it was good for Imgrunt’s motherland, on Krasnodar Territory, not for Yalta.  After that, he suggested hanging a plate in the restroom to commemorate Imgrunt. In the result of the public discussions in the social networks, the idea of hanging a tablet on the mirror-like toilet to commemorate Imgrunt was recognized to be the best. The dead mayor disfigured the central part of the embankment in Yalta with that toilet. They suggested demolishing the horrible construction together with the tablet later on. 

The citizens who were more adequate did not let Imgrunt forgot that he even did not find time to respond to the complaints of Yalta people, nor he sent them the noncommittal answers who were a habit for the managerial model of the occupants.  They blamed him that it was his unprofessional performance that forced many people into filing the lawsuits in courts. The timid voices also were not good at all not in the support of the perpetuation but simply attempting to bring to mind something good about the dead man. Today, the people of Yalta treat Imgrunt’s initiative, which made the officials with an excess weight visit the subbotniks, as the indication of the fact proving that the Public Housing Administration who was paid from the budget for cleaning the city was transformed into a legally incapable organisation. Due to that, they had to clean the city garbage during the staging subbotniks. The citizens of Yalta were sarcastically amazed that the perpetuation of the scientists, poets or heroes of the authorities is not a subject of interest but it makes the citizens commemorate the officials who have worked in the city for less than a year.

The reaction to the initiative related with the perpetuation of Imgrunt has become a good investigation of public mood in Yalta. The people have already become sober. They have had it up to here with the creativity of the occupants, so that the criticism addressed to the Russian authority is told not only by simple citizens but absolutely all: beginning with those who are unemployed and ending with the businessmen that have recently had a flair with the occupants. Even the incorrigible collaborates have become indignant.  

It is worth taking into consideration that, in the idea of constructing the monument to the mayor, the Russian secret services tried to impose on the people of Yalta their own agenda within which that obscure phenomenon was needed. Let us remind ourselves that, earlier, Imgrunt was sentenced for stealing the land on Krasnodar Territory. His relative is Head of the Crimean Department of the FSB Leonid Mykhailiuk.  

Valeriy Savlayev, who formally spoke of the initiative related with the monument, was a chief painter and architect of Yalta in the times of the collaborate who was popular during the economical occupation of Yalta Sergey Braiko. Savlayev who made friends with the FSB when the trials and tribulations were underway in Beslan coordinated his actions with the Russian secret services at that time as far as the refusal or the consent of the chief painter or the will-to-be architect directly impacted the realization of the concerns of the Russian business on the Southern shore of Crimea. In 2015, Savlayev kept on collaborating with the Russian Peace movement and became a Chief Architect of Alushta. It is worth mentioning that Alan Dzhangobegov, i.e. a client of one of Moscow clusterization of the secret services and one of the leaders of the ethnic mafia controlled by the Kremlin has been considered to be a night owner Alushta for many years. 

In the present-day Russian Federation and its model of the occupation of the peninsula, the Kremlin’s powerbrokers are a framework of the entire managerial system composition. Therefore, criticizing the initiative of the Russian secret services, the people of Yalta actually said ‘no’ to the Russian presence in their city.  

Evgeniy Gaivoronsky.