The occupants keep on cutting off the people of Yalta from the natural sources of drinkable water. It turned out the famous pump-room with drinkable mineral water in Kyiv Health Center had not been functioning for some time. That is a popular place. Even the people who live far from the pump-room came in their cars there to get water for their domestic needs. Today, the pump-room is closed. There are the first indications of the destruction of the facility.

As the people of Yalta who are not indifferent say, they started to destroy the pump-room after the ARK published the information on the odious businessman Eduard Grivkovskiy who has an intention to build up the Kyiv Health Center with multistorey buildings.  As the official data bases say, his son is from Kyiv. He owns a company, which works in Crimea. 

Grivkovskiy Senior is an odious person in Crimea. He has been a partner of the former Chairman of the Supreme Council Vladimir Litvin, Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov, Chechen Chief Ramzan Kadyrov, and Russian oligarch Mr. Yevtushenkov [1] for many years. When Grivkovskiy was at the helm, he led the destruction of the fish factory located in the center of Yalta. Therefore, the people of Yalta hate him.

We find it interesting that Eduard Grivkovskiy is officially wanted and the Prosecutor’s Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea accuses him of the treason [2]. It is still unknown whether they have issued an international arrest warrant against Grivkovskiy or not and if they demanded from the Russian Federation to extradite the charged with high crimes. It must be said, the law-enforcement authorities of Ukraine have an opportunity to move forward in the investigation of that case. We found out that the son of the charged Vladislav Grivkovskiy [4] was recorded in Goloseyevskiy Region of Kyiv and named a beneficiary of the company VVIG in the official registers. The company is functional and is involved in debts to the state budget of Ukraine [3]. Maybe, the concern of the law enforcement officials is related with the structures related with the Grivkovskiy’s organizations in mainland Ukraine. That concern could damp the ardour in the destruction of the sightseeing places of Yalta. 

It must be said that the pump-room of the Kyiv Health Center is already the third public source of water seized by the occupants and their collaborates in Yalta. The pound that is above Vasilyevka     Village was seized by the clan Vatras-Barsukovy who are the partners of the hairy land proprietary Anatoliy Motlokhov. The hydraulic power pack in Massandra was seized by Natalia Bibikova, the former chief of Yalta Goskomregister who came at the call of the Russian president to colonize Crimea in the mix with Vice-Premier Evgeniy Kabanov.