On the 18th of January, in the morning, the manager of Yalta affiliate Krymmedstrakh broke into the flat of the local activist Liudvika Papadopulu, as usually, and then disassembled and took away the door of the flat.  Thus, in 2021, the collaborates and invaders recommenced the reprisals against those who criticize the scandalous practices of the so-called representatives of the community.  Apart from the commonly known criminal specialization of the medical official Maksim Chernoivanov, that can be related with the deterioration of funding the Krymmedstrakh itself. The funds allotted for the simulation of the health care system in Crimea have been meaningfully used by the military medics, since the end of 2020. They are not going to share the funds with the local collaborates. 

They also face the fact indicating that the reprisals with the involvement of the Krymmedstrakh employees against Ms. Papadopulu have become stronger as soon as she proved in the local court [2] that the local police are a non-existing authority even according to the Russian legislation [1]. The activist also threw a monkey wrench into the typical plans of the collaborates who were going to represent her as a drug-addict by fabricating the documents. The invaders again tried to falsify a case against her after the report was received 2020. The ARK has already informed on that incident that happened in occupied Yalta [3].

In the autumn and winter 2020, the manager of Yalta affiliate Krymmedstrakh Maksim Chernoivanov broke into the flat of Ms. Popadopulu [5] many times and beat the dwellers of the house, yelling out curses.  In such a way, he simultaneously committed the attempts of illegal seizure and carried out the reprisals against the representative of the community who irritated the authority. The petitions of the dwellers with their complaints concerning each incident, which the people sent to the police, were useless. The workers of non-existing Massandra Department of the Police pretended nothing had happened. As a rule, no response to the letters of the victims was sent to Krymmedstrakh and Yalta administration, nor there were any demands of the fail-safe against the   raider and demands of explanations on what his deeds during his action time have to do with the insurance medicine.

Thus, as usually, the facts, which were reported by the ARK, proved that, instead of being busy with insurance medicine, the Krymmedstrakh is busy not only with laundering hundred millions of roubles but also with the illegal takeovers of the real estate, collaborating with the officials and enforcers of the occupying structures [4].

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