The “Head of Crimea” Sergei Aksenov recalls the role of the FSB in the plunder of the peninsula by the attempt to evade responsibility for the collapse of water and failures in the communal sphere, dismissing Dmitry Chernyaev from the post of the Crimean “Minister of Housing and Communal Services (HCS)”. This story began several years ago with an attempt by Valery Aksenov, the father of the “Crimean Che Guevara”, to seize the water canals of the Southern Coast of Crimea.

In 2017-2018, the chair of the Crimean “Deputy Prime Minister for HCS”, which gives preferences at the budget trough of this industry, was won by the man of the odious Sudak resident Boris Deich’s clan [1], the former “Mayor of Sudak” Vladimir Serov. He placed his comrades in key positions, including Marina Gorbatyuk, who owned the illegal palace in the Sudak village Uyutnoye, to the chair of the Crimean “HCS minister”. After that, the groups of Boris Deich and Sergei Aksenov, in a “joint impulse” tried to adjust the corruption program of the Crimean HCS to themselves. By the way the former village head of Simeiz, Kirill Kostenko, the family friend of the “Minister of Culture” of Crimea Arina Novoselskaya, who was shot in 2013, tried to develop this scheme on the Southern Coast of Crimea before the occupation [4].

As “Deputy Prime Minister”, Vladimir Serov, together with the father of the “head of Crimea”, Valery Aksenov, with “head of the water utility of the South Coast of Crimea” from Yaroslavl, Vladimir Kedik, and with “deputy minister of HCS”, the former head of the Volgograd water utility, Alexander Sheptunov, tried to seize, in partnership with the FSB-controlled figures from Volgograd and Rostov-on-Don, in the ownership of all the assets of the water utilities of the Southern Coast of Crimea [2]. Serov also tried to get his share from the project of a private port in Yalta, which was carried out by the Crimean “Deputy Prime Minister” Vitaly Nakhlupin and “Commander of the Crimean Spring in Yalta” Vitaly Akhmetov [3]. But Serov and Sergei Aksenov’s father did not calculate their strength.

At that time, Nakhlupin had not yet quarreled with Rotenbergs, the friends of the Russian President [5] and he was yet able to organize a landing of the FSB special forces [6] on the Sudak possessions of Vladimir Serov, after which Serov, according to the testimony of partners, went into a binge, from which he resigned from his post “Deputy Prime Minister”.

After that, the “unlucky conspirators” Kedik and Gorbatyuk were fired, and their main business connection, the Volgograd FSB commander Alexander Sheptunov, was dismissed with the wording “for loss of trust”. Those steps temporarily satisfied Vitaly Nakhlupin’s pride and showed to ill-wishers “who is the boss”. Of course, by agreement between Vitaly Nakhlupin, his patrons and Sergei Aksenov, information about the participation of the father of the “head of Crimea” in the failed raider attack was declared as taboo for the Crimean “elite” collaborators.

Taking advantage of that noise, an experienced corrupt official, at that time the “head of the Yalta state cadastre” Natalya Bibikova, registered the water intake of the Massandra village as private property [7]. Dmitry Makukha, an associate of the business partner Sergei Aksenov, “Deputy Prime Minister” Yevgeny Kabanov, was made the nominal owner. To protect the stolen, the invaders re-registered the mountain fresh springs in the “Russian documents” as the “technical water” [7]. For a while, while the resonance from the scandalous initiative of Vladimir Serov subsided, Vitaly Glotov was made the “minister of HCS” of the Crimea.

At the end of 2018, Leonid Mikhailyuk became the new “head of the FSB department for Crimea and Sevastopol”, who brought his clan, known as the “Kaliningrad team” into this punitive structure. They changed the staff of the FSB functionary Viktor Palagin from Bashkiria, who “retired” to an apartment on Volodarsky Street in Yalta, donated by the former “Speaker of Novorossia” Oleg Tsarev.

At the same time, the clan of Sergey Aksenov’s collaborators entered into an “alliance” with Mikhailuk and his “Kaliningrad team”, for which they brought Ivan Imgrunt, a relative of Mikhailuk from the Krasnodar, to Yalta and made him the “mayor of Yalta” in 2019. The “downed pilot” from Sochi, Dmitry Chernyaev, appears in the Crimea along the same “branch of cooperation”; in 2017, his sharper competitors took away his company “Sochivodokanal”. In 2019 he was appointed as Crimean “Minister of HCS”. Without even trying to fight the impending water collapse, Chernyaev focused on the commonplace for typical Russian “colonialists” non-initiative thefts with the introduction of all required kickbacks to the “higher bosses” and “punitive commanders”.

In particular, Crimean telegram channels, administered by “oppositionists” from the orbit of “restaurateur” Oleg Nikolayev, controlled by the FSB, report that the main source of Chernyaev’s income was in thefts …from the elevator modernization program. Under this program, the “government of Crimea” was given a previously unplanned tranche for “development”. This happened solely due to the tragic deaths in the Simferopol elevators, which were not repaired over the six years of occupation, and began to fall along with passengers, including colonists from Russia [9].

In addition, Nikolayev, who is in conflict with Aksenov, claims now that the indirect reason for Chernyaev’s resignation is the misunderstanding between the “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksenov, the “speaker of the State Council” Vladimir Konstantinov, and the director of “VTB-Bank” Andrei Kostin around the project of barbaric building development of the “Zavodskoye” Airport in Simferopol. Rumors coming from Crimea that the former mayor of Kaliningrad Svetlana Maslova [10] will become the new Crimean “minister of HCS” [10], allow to suggest that the “Kaliningrad team” of the “chief security officer of Crimea” Leonid Mikhailuk, friendly to Aksenov, hopes to maintain control over the financial flows of the collapsed Crimean communal sector.

Evgen Gaivoronsky. Yalta-Kiev