The rare dolphin in anomalous colour has found itself to be among the species who died for the first week of January when trawl fishing was done in the Black Sea. That was reported in the centre of the rehabilitation of dolphins Bezmyatezhnoye More.

Thus, in Saki Region, they have found a dead ‘spotted’ cetaecean whose out-of-the-way colour is a rare feature and related with the absence of such pigment as melanin. As it was explained, the common ocean dolphin’s life was taken away with the fishing net. 

‘They have reported the typical traits of getting into the filtering-type fishing gear. The common ocean dolphin was in excellent physical condition and was hardly ill’, the co-workers of the Centre gave their story in detail.

Besides, the specialists told that, in the beginning of January, in Saki and Sevastopol Regions, the trawlboats worked, 17 discards of dolphins were reported. 9 of the discards were common ocean dolphins with the traits of by-catch.