In early January 2021, the “Yalta administration” announced the installation of a new “entrance group” on the loop before descending into the city from the Yalta-Simferopol-Kharkiv highway just above the city bus station. Residents of the city and fans of Yalta from all over the world were extremely outraged by the concrete ugliness that the invaders had stuck on a site previously cleaned of green spaces.

Before the occupation, the reversal ring at the entrance to Yalta was a green area with well-groomed grass and beautifully flowering ornamental valuable shrubs in spring. In its middle, a metal structure was installed with the inscription “Yalta – the City of Happiness” at the top and several billboards below.

At the end of February 2014, Yalta began to actively transform from a “city of happiness” into a “city of sin”. Then the local “commander of the Crimean spring”, militant Vitaly Akhmetov [1], together with accomplices Alexander Rasshivalov, Alexander Pogrebnyak, Denis Podrezov, Pavel Duvalidis and Alexander Rychikhin (who provided the main equipment) pasted over billboards with agitation for “joining Russia”, on which Ukrainians depicted in Hitler’s symbols, with the aim of inciting interethnic hatred.

Since then, several years have passed in the occupation and “for the 180th anniversary of Yalta” the invaders decided to “master millions of budgets” under the guise of “reconstruction of the entrance group” [2]. A former employee of the Security Service of Ukraine and the State Security Department of Ukraine, the “mayor of Yalta” in 2018-2019, Alexey Chelpanov, was behind this.

Under his leadership, bushes and lawns were savagely destroyed. Then, construction waste and hazardous waste from the Derekoyka riverbed were taken to the “reconstruction site”, for which Chelpanov “mastered” several million rubles more. The only possible purpose of such an impromptu dump was that nothing else would grow in a filthy place. Also, Chelpanov in 2018 agreed with the not yet arrested “Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Crimea” Vitaly Nakhlupin [3] to transfer him the outdoor advertising market.

For this, under the guise of “reconstruction”, Chelpanov’s workers demolished a metal structure on a reversal ring. In the framework of the invaders’ doctrine “no Crimean will lose anything,” they did not pay 20 thousands USD to the balance holder of the structure, Oedipus Memetov [4], who was not helped even by the intercession of the old Yalta agent of the Russian special services Viktor Yamnikov. But then Nakhlupin was arrested in Moscow, and Chelpanov ran out of his “annual subscription” for the sole plunder of Yalta, issued to him by the Federal Protective Service of the Russian Federation for his assistance in the construction of Putin’s new dacha in Kastropol.

The baton of “budget development” was taken by “mayor of Yalta” in 2019-2020 Ivan Imgrunt, who was a relative of the “head of the Crimean department” of the FSB Leonid Mikhailyuk, and a confidant of Sergei Aksenov. Then the godson of Imgrunt, “the head of the green building of Yalta,” Alexander Zaitsev said that his team “will spend 18 million rubles for the reconstruction of the entrance group to Yalta” [5]. Then Imgrunt, along with Putin’s godson Viktor Medvedchuk, as part of the propaganda of Russian biological weapons, was vaccinated with the Russian “vaccine” against the coronavirus in Yalta, and then died from complications of the same coronavirus in St. Petersburg.

The time has come to master millions of rubles “for the same purpose” for the protege of Putin’s friends Kovalchuk, the new “mayor of Yalta” Yanina Pavlenko [6]. This group of invaders has a clear goal of transforming Big Yalta into a mixture of the Kovalchuk closed estate with a concrete ghetto for earning money on the “resting” of the Russian security forces, restricted to “travel abroad”. Therefore, under the patronage of Pavlenko, an ugly concrete structure in the form of the letters “Yalta” was installed on the disfigured and dirty turning ring cleaned from vegetation.

It is known that the building was eventually installed by the Belgorod plant “Arbet” as a “gift to the city”. Which is actually evidence of the systemic “work on the development of funds”, since the articles of the “ARC” have already reflected that it was exactly the “Arbet” plant, that took part in the disfigurement of the parks of occupied Yalta, with the help of which billions of rubles were laundered with kickbacks to the “mayors of Yalta” Alexei Chelpanov and Ivan Imgrunt [6]. The appearance of the ugliness from “Arbet” under Yanina Pavlenko’s aeguis allows us to suggests that this structure is planning to continue to disfigure Yalta.

Evgeny Gaivoronsky. Yalta-Kiev