205 559 Russian people have moved to Crimea since 2014. 117 114 of them have moved to Crimea and  88445 have moved to Sevastopol. That was reported by the so-called Department of the Russian Federal State Statistics Service in Crimea and Sevastopol.

Thus, as the data of the agency show, within the framework of the interregional population migration, 20 763 people moved to Crimea from January to November 2020, and 12 374 moved to Sevastopol from January to October 2020. 

‘We should take into consideration the RF’s authorities think that the interregional population migration is not only about the migration of the RF’s residents onto the peninsula, it is also a migration of the inhabitants from Sevastopol to the Republic of Crimea and back.  Besides, that amount of people includes the citizens of Crimea who departed and came back later on. That is why the figure 205 559 must be regarded as a maximum probable amount of the RF’s inhabitants who moved in Crimea from the Russian Federation after the occupation started and who registered their own place of residence in Crimea. That figure does not reflect the whole picture of the migration of the citizens of the Russian Federation to Crimea as far as it does not include the military contingent of the military forces of the Russian Federation and residents of Russia who have been sent to the occupied territory.  Hence, a general amount of the Russian people who were transferred to Crimea is significantly greater than previously thought’, the Crimean Human Rights Group reported.