Some days ago, the Russian President, by his decree, “extended the powers” of Igor Radionov as the “Head of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Crimea”, and also “appointed” the “heads” to the Belogorsk, Armyansk and Krasnogvardeiskoye “courts” on peninsula. The “new heads” were the persons involved in the Ukrainian criminal proceedings on high treason. The special absurdity of such “appointments” is made by the fact that the “courts”, to which the “chairpersons” are “appointed” or “reappointed” are also fake even according to “Russian laws”, since they do not have a mandatory “main state registration number” [4].

The next reshuffle of “ghosts in gowns” shows the growth of the general administrative crisis in the occupied Crimea. There are not too many applicants for positions that were previously so lucrative for the Russian mafia system of “power” as “head of the court”. After all, even now in Crimea, after Putin’s decree, 11 “Crimean courts” were left “without a head”, including certainly “profitable” Yalta, Alushta, Bakhchisarai ones and others.

If in 2014-2016 a lot of Russian “colonial judges” agreed to go and profit from the Crimeans, then the absence of “applicants” in 2020 indicates, among other things, that judges in the Russian Federation itself do not see prospects for corrupt earnings, or for a career in the occupied region. Therefore, in 2020, Putin had to appoint exclusively local collaborators to such paltry “courts”. Larisa Likhacheva, “appointed” as the “head of the court” of Armyansk, is wanted under Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine for high treason [1]. Her “reappointed” colleague, the “head of the Krasnogvardeisky court” Valentin Shukalsky [2] is also wanted under the same article. Likhacheva and Shukalsky were acting Ukrainian judges in 2014, they broke the oath and went over to the side of the invaders. Former “judge” of the Nizhnegorsk “court”, Yekaterina Solodovnik, by Putin’s decree, is now “appointed” as the “head of the Belogorsk court”. Solodovnik, among other things, is known for issuing repressive “court sentences” against those Crimean residents, who refused to “serve” in the occupying Russian troops [3].

But the main intrigue is the “extension of powers” by the President of the Russian Federation for the “Head of the Supreme Court” Igor Radionov, a very close partner of Igor Gutsalov, the holder of the “black cash” of the Sergei Aksyonov’s “Saylem” group. The pre-New Year’s arrests of the “chief huntsman of Crimea” Sergei Kompaneitsev, closely associated with Aksyonov, and of Radionov’s godfather, “FSB officer” Anton Kalinichenko, are the symptoms of a possible “cleanup” of the clan of the “head of Crimea” on the peninsula. However, at the same time, Radionov as the obvious member of this “Saylem” group, who was lobbied by Aksenov in 2014 before the Kremlin for the post of “main Crimean judge”, now seems to be “more than all right”.

For example, on August 24, 2020, on the Independence Day of Ukraine, Igor Radionov received an “Honored Lawyer” title (but “of the Russian Federation”). As it was stated in the “award decree”, this title was awarded to a former employee of the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office “for services in strengthening the rule of law, protecting the rights and interests of citizens” [5]. It is characteristic that in the Russian Federation such labels are generally not scattered for judges and the price for such “badges” is impressive in Russia. Moreover, at the end of 2020, Radionov was obviously “dragged” through the mandatory procedure for such a “high appointment” through the Judges’ Higher Qualification and Disciplinary Commission of the Russia. After all, some interesting details surfaced there, since this candidate turned out to have as accounts in Ukrainian banks, so the real estate in Ukrainian mainland, registered with his spouse. When the Russian judges at the interview asked Radionov a simple question – how does this actually correlate with the status of an “authoritative Russian judge”, they heard an enchanting story in response.

It turns out that Radionov cannot close accounts in Ukrainian banks, because for this he allegedly needs to get into them personally. And this is supposedly impossible for the applicant, since he, it turns out, received a “death sentence” in Ukraine – for being the “head of the court”, he participated in the “Crimean spring”. The Qualification Commission was forced to admit this deliberate nonsense and obvious lie as “valid circumstances”.

Although, of course, it is known in the Russian Federation both on the absence of the death penalty in Ukraine, and about the fact, that the fake “head of the court” Radionov did not bring in the spring of 2014 to the invaders significant benefits, although he changed his oath, but due to his low organizational and intellectual abilities. An obvious collapse occurred at that time in the “Crimean judicial system”, and all relevant decisions were made “on the knee” and mainly by “federal curators”. Even according to “Russian laws and regulations,” Radionov became the “Head of the Supreme Court” only in December 2014, and until that time his status resembled only the operetta character.

And in general, Radionov was appointed as the “head of the court” by such a “prior arrangement” only on the patronage of the aforementioned Gutsalov before Aksenov, when other candidates, previously planned by the aggressor, obviously disdained such a “career”. It is characteristic that while telling Russian judges an enchanting story about his “death sentence” for “fortitude and courage”, Radionov at the same time rashly let slip that taxes to the Ukrainian budget for the property, registered with his wife, are being meticulously paid by this “happy family” to this day.

However, the “Radionov’s dossier” “hooked” firmly the Russian judges at his interview, albeit for a different reason. After all, this person turned against himself a lot of “nobles” in the courts of the Russian Federation. As it was already mentioned above, the Russian judges, who arrived on the peninsula in 2014-2015 for “reinforcement”, later tried to “desert” in every possible way from this “showcase of the Russian world” back, albeit to a remote Russian province. As they diplomatically wrote in the minutes of Radionov’s interview, “those who originally moved there, when they responded to the call, are leaving the region”.

At the same time, it was Radionov who in 2014 formally signed this “appeal of the Supreme Court after the reintegration of Crimea” for Russian judges to get transfer to Crimea, guaranteeing to those colonialists a “heavenly conditions” there. But the claims against the “Head of the Supreme Court” now arose not so much because of his failure to fulfill his promise. The question crystallized among the judges of the Russian Federation, honoring corporate solidarity, due to the sudden revengeful and dirty nature of Radionov himself.

After all, as it now “suddenly turned out”, practically all Russian judges, “departing” from the Crimea back to the Russian Federation …are extremely “incompetent”, “immoral” and so on. After all, this is exactly what was directly written in their “Crimean” characteristics “to a new place of work” passing to Moscow precisely through the hands of Radionov, who personally signed “parting recommendations to colleagues” exclusively in the form of a “pink slip”. And such a clear initiative of the “Head of the Supreme Court” cannot be attributed to either “instructions from above” or “the revolutionary necessity of 2014”.

In response to the judges, the obvious slapstick initiator Radionov tried to “hide behind his subordinates”. He stated that allegedly the Crimean “judges”-collaborators decided to throw mud at the “deserting” from the peninsula “at the collegiums”. It’s just that in Crimea, “judicial self-government” is so powerful, and “nothing can be done about it,” Radionov had to sign all these often deliberately untrue dirty tricks, adopted at the vote by subordinate “judges”. “You won’t go against the opinion of the collective” Radionov stated.

The discussion with the Russian judges, furious with such “honest answers” of the applicant, threatened to go so far that the Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Lebedev and the Head of the Council of Judges of the Russian Federation Viktor Momotov had to directly stand up for Radionov during the interview [6]. However, the resonance from the Radionov’s “Crimean characteristics” arose as a powerful one in the Moscow judiciary.

Well, after such “successful personnel decisions” there are no special questions for the federal authorities of the Russian Federation. But nevertheless, a simple circumstance causes bewilderment – if these “judges” have been convicted by Ukraine or at least are being sought, then why has Kiev not submitted at least formal requests to Moscow for their extradition [7]; [8]. And it is even more interesting why the considerable property of the Radionov’s family in the mainland of Ukraine is of interest exclusively to the Russian Judicial Qualification Commission, and not to Ukrainian law enforcement officers.