Russian-controlled media reported that the FSB structures “detained the chief veterinary inspector of the Saki district” Viktor Gadomsky “while receiving a bribe of 150 thousand rubles.” This “arrest” of such non-ordinary “official”, known for his feud with the owner of the “Skazka” Zoo and the “Taigan” Lions’ Park Oleg Zubkov, may mean that this odious pro-Russian businessman did not miss the opportunity to settle personal scores in the wake of the “cleansing” of the “head of Crimea” Sergey Aksenov’s clan, started by the Kremlin. Viktor Gadomsky is known for being the “talking head” who announced in 2016 the infamous campaign to combat “African swine fever in Crimea” [1]. These were significant events for Crimea, with which the occupation “authorities” tried to solve two problems at once.

The first consisted in “knocking out” local livestock farmers from the regional market [2]. In such way, in full accordance with the Russian administrative doctrine, the independent pig-breeding small and medium-sized farming business in Crimea was destroyed. In total, under the guise of “African swine fever”, about 9 thousand heads of livestock were seized from the Crimean residents in just one share and thus deprived hundreds of farms of the opportunity to work further. During that year, about a hundred thousand pigs were destroyed in Crimea in common. After it the structures of the former Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexander Tkachev, who bought the Crimean network of the Ukrainian retailer “ATB”, became a monopoly in the region to capture the local market completely [2]. Instead of Crimean meat, products of extremely dubious quality began to be massively sold on the peninsula from the Kuban firms of Tkachev, who among other things, is notorious for his racist and xenophobic statements [7].

The second task of the invaders was based on the fact that in 2016 the conflict between the aforementioned Oleg Zubkov and the “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksenov intensified in Crimea. Aksenov wanted to force Zubkov to “pay tribute” on general terms, but Zubkov refused and told the “head of Crimea” that he did not recognize him as an “authority” and would not pay “fees” for his activities in Crimea. As a result, Aksenov sent the former Crimean “Deputy Prime Minister” Nikolai Yanaki, a member of a Nikolai Grach’s specific criminal group, to “educate” Zubkov [3]. Under the pretext of “African swine fever”, the pig farm of Oleg Zubkov, whose livestock was used to feed lions and tigers in the businessman’s parks, was destroyed.

Zubkov was then worried very painfully about the fact that his pigs were personally destroyed, under the guise of “swine fever”, by the “chief veterinarian of the Republic of Crimea” Valery Ivanov as a close associate of the “head of Crimea” Aksenov. Zubkov even allowed himself to declare in the “opposition press” that “swine fever” is an invention in the interests of the Russian federal officials who own huge agricultural holdings [4].

The events of the end of 2020 in the form of the arrest of the “chief huntsman of Crimea” Sergei Kompaneitsev [5] and the “sentence” to the “Yalta architect of Russian colonization” Vitaly Deineka [6] clearly indicated that the Kremlin has decided to “degrease” Sergei Aksenov and his group. Oleg Zubkov, who has many years of experience in the conflict with Aksenov, turned out to be too useful to the “federal security officers” in the Crimean realities and for the current situation. The aforementioned detention of the Saki veterinarian Gadomsky as a figure capable of giving interesting “testimony” against the enemy of Zubkov, veterinarian Ivanov, close to the “head of Crimea”, indicates that the Russian special services most likely attracted the owner of the zoos to their new operations in Crimea.