“Novaya Gazeta”, owned by Alexander Lebedev, a former KGB resident in London and the current father of an English peer, published an article stating that the high-profile scandal with wiretapping of Crimean “officials and public figures” that did not end with anything. The accused of this are the former “mayor of Yalta” Alexey Chelpanov, the former “head of the department on migration issues” of the “Crimean police” Alexander Chekunov and “an employee of the security department of the Crimean operator “K-Telecom”” Andrey Rogachev were not “punished”. The article states that “the case fell apart” because “the defendants refused to testify” against the customer of all this espionage – the “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksenov.

Recall that in Crimea there are several warring groups of Russian special services, and they do not hesitate to fight with each other. The “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov, in the wiretapping case, bet on Chelpanov, a former employee of the State Security Department of Ukraine, and Chekunov, a former officer of the Crimean Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, who both committed high treason. They counted on the fact that after a grave crime against the national interests of Ukraine, the “specialists” are tightly “tied” with the main protagonists of the Russian aggression in Crimea and therefore have no “options for maneuver”.

However, the article of “Novaya Gazeta” [1] omits many important moments of this story, and it looks like a clumsy attempt to “put a good face on a bad game” stating that “Ukrainian personnel are to blame for all Russia’s troubles in Crimea”. It is worth clarifying that the wiretapping ordered by the “head of Crimea” was conducted not only for the persons involved in looting performed by the “Crimean authorities” under the guise of “nationalization”, and not only for the amusing “opposition”, but in general for a fairly wide circle of people in Crimea. In particular, it was carried out for the close associates of Sergei Aksyonov himself, who is panicky afraid that they will conceal from him the share assigned “by his name” or even surrender him to the federal security officials, in exchange for access to a better place at the Russian trough.

The scale of surveillance was impressive, and in addition to well-known facts, there are a lot of statements from the Crimean small “officials”, journalists, entrepreneurs that their “smartphones began to get too hot and run out of battery too quickly”. In the article of “Novaya Gazeta”, the head of “Krympotrebsoyuz” Vladislav Stepanov, “judges of the 21st Arbitration Court” Elena Baukina, Natalya Polynkina and Katerina Kalashnikova, “deputy of the Yalta City Council” Aleksey Yakovenko, who joined the “service” to the invaders, a former member of the Mejlis and “Vice-Speaker of the State Council of Crimea” Remzi Ilyasov and a “public figure” controlled by the FSB Alexander Talipov. This has already been reported by “ARC”.

But the former “mayor of Simeiz”, client of “Sberbank” director German Gref Igor Dyshlevoi, “former chairman of the Yalta City Council” Valery Kosarev, “director of the enterprise“ Crimean Sea Ports” Alexey Volkov, fighters of the “Crimean Spring” Konstantin Yermanov, Dmitry Dzhigalov and Alexander Slepinin, a friend of the “people’s mayor of Sevastopol” Alexei Chaly, the owner of the “opposition publication” “Notes” Oleg Nikolaev and a number of other odious characters that interested Sergei Aksenov.

As the Crimeans testify, the collaborators not mentioned in the article of “Novaya Gazeta” have repeatedly threatened “terrible revenge” for wiretapping its customer Aksyonov and performers Chelpanov and Chekunov. But in the conditions of an acute systemic crisis of the occupation system in Crimea, they failed to carry out any “retaliation”.

It is interesting that, as they gossip in Crimea, the “assistant to the Head of the Republic” and the former “mayor of Yalta” Alexei Chelpanov was “a servant of two masters”. Gathering information in the interests of Aksenov, he then passed on the most important information to his patrons from the “Crimean department” of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. Including for this Chelpanov was entrusted with destroying the southern coastal village of Oliva for the construction of Putin’s new dacha in Kastropol, and in return he was allowed a year as the “mayor of Yalta” to single-handedly “master” Yalta without bringing in the “due” to Aksenov in full.

Chekunov got into this “project” because he was one of the key executors of the Russian scam on illegal mass “certification” of Crimeans and trade in “Russian citizenship” [2]. Moreover, according to “Russian laws” all SIM cards for mobile communications in Crimea are sold with passports and with a record in the registers of who owns which number. Access to a database of such information was very important for a serious approach to the issue of “intra-Crimean” espionage. Considering the current crisis of the “occupation vertical” in Crimea, no one will be surprised by the appearance in the public domain of recordings of personal talks of the “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksenov and other key participants in the “Crimean spring”.

Evgen Gaivoronsky. Yalta-Kiev

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