Before the New Year, workers of the “Yevpatoria City Center of Culture and Leisure” are outraged on social networks.

The fact is that the occupation “powers” several years ago closed the office of this Center at Revolyutsii Street 51-b for a “major overhaul” promised to artists as part of the “federal target program”. At the same time, as local residents admit, as of 2014, the premises were suitable for work, taking into account the fact that it was used primarily as an office and a platform for rehearsals for a number of creative teams of the Center.

For several years, the “authorities” “fed” the collectives of the Center with promises, at the end of 2019 even a “competition for a contract” for 3.5 million rubles was announced [1], and in the spring of 2020 it was promised to allocate 9.46 million for repairs [2]. At the same time, the collectives of the Center were forced to work (of course, “free of charge”) at numerous propaganda events of the invaders, both in the city and across the Crimea, and with some trips to the Russian Federation. All the artists’ indignation at the endless “dances in military tunics” ended with a simple question: “do you want to get your office repaired?”

But at the end of 2020, despite the propaganda of the invaders, all smart persons in Crimea, even non-numerous “Russian world” supporters, began to realize that the “auction of unheard-of generosity” was over and the funds of the “federal target program” had already been “exhausted somehow”. Therefore, all “long-term constructioning” got a guaranteed prospect to remain as such until the de-occupation of the peninsula. Therefore, for the collectives of the Center, the main intrigue was whether “authorities” will manage to “sign contracts” for repairs in 2020. After all, if there is “no office” behind the “Russian laws” – there will be no Center either.

However, as it turned out after the New Year’s speech by “the head of the department of culture and interethnic relations of the administration of the city of Evpatoria” Veronika Nadeeva, in the future there will be no repairs or funds for the Center. It is noteworthy that Mrs. Nadeeva, a former artist of the Yevpatoria puppet theater “Marionettes”, was appointed by the occupiers as “head of the department” precisely at the end of 2019, when the massive “realization” of “federal target program” funds began [3].

As Yuriy Teslev, the head of the ““Nadezhda” People’s Photo Club”, writes indignantly, calling on Mrs. Nadeeva punishment from “competent authorities”, “in Ukrainian times, everything was much more tolerant”. Of course, even those who have retained at least a little conscience find it difficult to “forget” that all the characteristic successful collectives of the Center, and this, first of all, the theater on stilts, the theater of living sculptures and the theater of fire, took shape and went to the recognition of the audience just before the occupation.

Moreover, the most shrewd authors of social networks are sure that the “neglected” building of the Center, located a hundred meters from the resort’s embankment, very soon after the closure of the institution will become a private hotel or boarding house. And of course there will be money for repairs then. Moreover, through bots in social networks, the “administration” of Evpatoria has already advised to the “rebels on their knees” to “go about own business, own families and homes, to prepare for the holidays, to wish each other health and good”. That is, the traditional Russian wish of a “good mood” to the Crimean residents instead of money took place again.

We will remind that earlier, in 2019, another scam of the occupiers in the field of culture “caught up” with the Yevpatoria International Center for Theatrical Art “Golden Key”. This structure for children and youth, known at the European level, since 2014 has been transformed by the occupiers into a component of their propaganda machine. And later, under the slogan of “optimization,” the institution was completely liquidated by the “decision” of the “republican government” [4], with the formation of a “theater of a young spectator” with a good “inherited” material base on Bartenev Street in the resort center of the Yevpatoria [5], where most of the functionaries, of course, has no Crimean origin.

 The fact that the “reassignment” of the “Golden Key” from the “Ministry of Education” to the “Ministry of Culture” certainly changed the clerks “sitting on funding, of course, did not bother the artists so much. They were more worried about the further reduction of the center’s work and the subsequent strengthening of the “ideological component” in it. After all, the Russian occupation and freedom of creativity turned out to be incompatible.