In Yevpatoria, the “middle link” of officials of the occupation administration continues to be in “fever”. On the eve of the New Year, the “city court” of Yevpatoria found the former “deputy head of the municipal services department” Andrei Tyuryagin “guilty of embezzlement” and assigned him a real term of three years in a general regime colony. In addition, Tyuryagin is now deprived of the right to “hold office” for three years [1].

The subject of the current case was the conclusion in September-October 2015 by the “administration” of Yevpatoria and its “department of municipal services” of five “municipal contracts” for the development of documentation for the reconstruction of the city’s road network. The occupational “prosecutor’s office” did not like the fact that 4.6 million “budget rubles” were given for this expert documentation, as it should have been carried out at the expense of the contractor. However, this money then allegedly went to such a “respected office” as the “Crimean branch” of the Federal Autonomous Institution “Glavgosexpertiza of Russia”.

However, the situation is interesting, as in May 2020, Tyuryagin had already been “convicted” by the same “court” under article 286 of the Russian criminal law to two years in prison for causing damage to the city budget in the amount of 26 million rubles. True, at that time the “court” was condescending to the “defendant”, and deprived him of freedom “conditionally.” But this time Andrey Vladimirovich will most likely have to justify his surname by real acquaintance with the prison “romance”.

The funny thing is that by a “court decision” in May 2020 Tyuryagin was already banned from “holding leading positions”, but after that he was detained in his office at the time of the “meeting with his subordinates”. These are the modern Crimean realities [2].

Somewhat earlier, the “prosecutor’s office of Yevpatoria” reported that a “criminal case” against a former engineer of the “state institution” “Investstroy of the Republic of Crimea” was sent to court for “abuse of office, which entailed grave consequences”.

The “investigation” believes that the accused, during the “construction control” of the reconstruction of the Yevpatoriya embankment of Tereshkova, knowing that the work was carried out in violation of the requirements for the terms of reference and design documentation, did not check their implementation. At the same time, this person involved signed “performed certificates of acceptance of work”, on the basis of which the contractor successfully received 51 million rubles.

But, like Tyuryagin, this accused person has more than one “criminal episode”. He also “accepted” the improperly done construction of permeable breakwaters (artificial reefs). After that, another 63 million rubles had to be spent on dismantling the unusable breakwaters [3]. These “separate shortcomings” of the development of the “federal target program” in Yevpatoria led to the fact that in this way, actually all the money and “got used to it”, leaving in the city “for memory” the ruins instead of the embankment and the roads laid on the rubbish, as “ARC” already written.

Also, “ARC” has already written about the “adventures” of a former employee of the prosecutor’s office Kirill Vavrenyuk, who first became one of the “key witnesses” in the case of the “mayor” of Yevpatoria Andrei Filonov, and then, as the “acting mayor”, was detained on charges of taking bribes.

A cursory analysis of the messages of the occupation “siloviks” shows that they are going to detain “for theft not according to rank”, besides those named, such former and still acting Yevpatoria “officials” as Andrei Koval, Valery Batyuk, Vadim Poroshin, Alexander Melomed, Sergei Ferario, Tatyana Kolisna and a number of persons of “lower rank” [4].