“ARC” has already written about the deployment of “mobile hospitals” of the Russian army in Crimea under the pretext of “fighting the coronavirus”.

At the same time, the situation with coronavirus infection in Crimea and Sevastopol is dynamic. According to the “Federal Operational Headquarters of the Russian Federation for Coronavirus”, even if we do not talk about their underestimation, it follows that since the beginning of the pandemic in Sevastopol on the morning of December 25, 2020, 6,175 cases of the disease have been registered, while 211 people with COVID-19 have died. Crimea 23,156 cases and 459 deaths, respectively [1].

It is characteristic that the official death rate obtained in this case in Sevastopol is one death for every 29 cases (3.4 %), in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea the mortality rate is 1.98 %. For comparison, in mainland Ukraine, at the same time, we have 1,012,167 cases and 17,581 deaths, which is a mortality rate of 1.73 % or one death out of 58 cases [2].

The fact that the “official” mortality rate in the occupied Sevastopol is twice the average for Ukraine can be explained by many factors. It seems most likely that a significant part of the occupation army’s servicemen who are ill in a mild form are hidden from the register and they are included in the report in a moderate or severe form only.

The situation in AR Crimea is generally better than in Sevastopol, but worse than in mainland Ukraine. As we have already reported, allegedly “in order to provide medical care to the inhabitants of the Crimean peninsula”, two mobile hospitals of the Russian Defense Ministry are being deployed. Trying to maintain control over the situation in Sevastopol, where the main base of the Black Sea Fleet is located, the invaders are actually conducting a special “operation for military medical support”, combining “rescuing citizens” with training the deployment of mobile military hospitals [3]; [4].

A similar situation is developing with hospitals in Yalta and Simferopol [5]; [6], and on the Southern coast of Crimea, it can be combined by the Russian troops with the occupation “until the complete victory over the coronavirus” attractive for the Russian Ministry of Defense valuable resort real estate [8].

At the same time, the background of the propaganda campaign of the Russians to “save the Crimeans from the epidemic by the army” is obvious. For them, there is a risk that already in 2021, the International Criminal Court will begin considering the situation of international crimes in Crimea [9].

And these certainly include the deprivation of the Crimean people since 2014 of minimal medical care, as well as normal sanitary infrastructure, which led to especially grave consequences. Having created a monster “Krymmedstrakh” out of the poorly functioning Ukrainian healthcare system [10] and destroyed the water supply system of Yalta and Simferopol in recent years, the Russian “authorities” bear full responsibility for the excessive mortality of Crimeans from the pandemic. In such conditions, the Kremlin resorts to the traditional “imitation of violent activity” by the forces of its own army.

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