As the “ARC” has reported already, the system of “health insurance” in the Crimea has grown closely not only with the system of “federal funds’ laundering”, but also with the general criminal world.

Now there is a new evidence of this. On the afternoon of December 22, 2020, in Yalta, the director of the Yalta branch of “Krymmedstrakh”, Maxim Chernoivanov, broke down the door to the apartment of the Yalta independent blogger Ludwika Papadopoulou [1]. Among other things, it was Papadopoulou who drew public attention to the “cold killing” by the occupying power of the veteran of labor, authoritative Ukrainian language teacher, for the sake of her apartment [2]. As it was reported, such “Krymgosstrakh” traders’ practice with Yalta and other resort towns of Crimea, together with raiders and “municipal officials”, is the way to get rich, due to the real estate of single patients.

The blogger filmed the raid on video, from which it follows that the “director” insulted the residents with obscene language and resorted to assault. Naturally, the called “police” was in no hurry to arrive and appeared only after Chernoivanov broke down the door, caused damage and left. The new actions of the “director of the Yalta branch” once again prove that “Krymgosstrakh” is not engaged in health, but “development” of billions of rubles, trade in medical data to solve political and economic problems, as well as raiding the homes of residents of the occupied Crimea.