In the social networks, the Crimean people have published a picture of a critical condition of Bakhchisaray artificially impounded water body.  ‘As of December 2020, there is about 2% of water left in it (a total volume is 6.9 mln. cubic meters). Comparing to other sources in Crimea, that source of water is, perhaps, the most neaped one. The picture is sad, telling without an exaggeration’ a user of the social network reports on his page in Facebook.

It is worth mentioning that since 7th September, in Simferopol and 39 settlements of Simferopol and Bakhchisaray regions, the occupants have switched to the third, the most merciless stage of the limitations in bulk water transport and reduced water consumption to 100 thousand cubic metres of water a day. The main reason of such tough measures is drought as well as the shoaling of the Crimean artificially impounded water bodies and the rivers supplying them. The energetic activity of the occupying military alignment, the function of the seized industrial enterprises as well as the Russian citizens’ overpopulation of Crimea have caused the insufficiency of water.