The Crimean graduates need help to get out of the atmosphere of propaganda in the system of the education on the occupied territories. It was reported by manager of the Crimean Human Rights Group Ms. Skrypnyk. 

‘The main problem concerning the  children and education on the occupied territories is militarization. Our monitoring indicates now that issue is one of the key tasks of the Russian authorities. We know one of the main constituent parts of the RF’s propaganda in Crimea and the occupied regions of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts is propagandizing the military service in the army. First of all, it is the children who are targeted by the propaganda. That system is built up, so that all the establishments including the educational and cultural institutions aim their work at destroying any demonstration of the Ukrainian identity on the occupied territories.  For all those things, great funds and millions of roubles are spent’, Ms. Skrypnyk explained during the on-line discussion ‘The Education of the Children from the Occupied Territories: Difficult Challenges and New Horizons’. 

He also added that the only way to help the children is to invite them to take different courses of media and cyber literacy. ‘In such circumstances, it is vitally important for the children to be media- competent to sieve the propaganda and understand what happens in the social environment’, Olga Skrypnyk explains.