In the social networks, they have published the pictures of the highway Tavrida. Despite highway’s being considered brand-new, and the occupying authorities name with enthusiasm the current project  one of the key projects of social and economical development in Crimea. Plenty of scandals and problems are connected with Tavrida due to the design faults made during the construction of the highway. 

We should remind that the construction of the highway was started in 2017. The value of the project exceeds 140 billion roubles.

As one can see in the picture published by a Crimean blogger «RoksolanaToday&Крым25%», the slopes of the route are exposed to the destructions and are a kind of a threat related with mud slides. That is a result of their substandard construction. 

Earlier, the site ARK reported that the Crimean citizen called the Tavrida Highway a Death Highway as far as the road traffic accidents that have been regularly happening there are often lethal.