On December 15, 2020, at the Livadia City Hospital of Yalta, visitors watched an eerie sight – an 82-year-old woman was lying in the draft of the sanitary inspection room, abandoned by doctors to die under the door. Upon learning of this, an independent Yalta blogger Ludvika Papadopulu published a post demanding help for an elderly person on social networks. The topic stirred up the Crimean residents, about 300 people shared the publication, a powerful resonance arose, the local “authorities” were forced to respond.

In the Livadia hospital, where just a minute ago “there were no free wards,” a place was suddenly “found” in cardiology, where a woman was transported from the street. After that, the Crimean “officials” cynically pretended to “have solved the problem”.

“Acting Head of the Yalta Administration” Yanina Pavlenko wrote on Facebook that she was “grateful to the residents of the city for their indifference” and boasted that she had agreed to place the woman in the “House of Mercy of the Great Martyr Barbara”. And local media receiving funding from the “budget” of Yalta wrote that “the issue was taken over by the Head of the Republic of Crimea, Sergei Aksenov, thanks to which he was resolved”.

Since after the “Head of Crimea” and the “Mayor of Yalta” cynically promoted imitation of help to an elderly person, Irina Lvovna, well-known for Yalta residents as a teacher of Ukrainian language, died on December 16.

And this is precisely the deliberate refusal to provide assistance, which resulted in death, for which at least the “bosses” and medical personnel of the Livadia Hospital are responsible. However, according to our sources, the deceased, who lived in Yalta at the Darsanovsky entrance, 5, was left to die in the cold by the “social services” precisely in order to take possession of her apartment. Raider seizure of property of socially unprotected people is the most profitable and widespread type of business among Crimean “officials” and “punitive men” of the middle level, in which all accompanying structures and criminals are involved.

Another proof of the deliberate murder of the pensioner is that the “Russian border guards” did not let her niece from mainland Ukraine through the “checkpoint” to the elderly woman, who was in a hurry to help her sick aunt, despite all the evidence provided and the resonance of the situation. Probably, a relative of the deceased was not allowed into the Crimea precisely in order for the invaders to take possession of the valuable real estate of the labor veteran without outsiders.

Evgeny Gaivoronsky. Yalta-Kiev