As the coordinator of the project Crimean Childhood told, the wife of the convicted Mumine Saliev who was allegedly involved in the second Bakhchisaray Hizb ut-Tahrir Case, there are 177 children of the Crimean activists and public journalists who are growing without their parents in occupied Crimea. 

In the result of the mass searches in March and July, the current year, 19 children have become enlisted as the children of the political prisoners. Two more children were born after their parents were arrested. As for now, 177 of the underaged children are growing without getting any care from their parents’, she reported during the on-line conference of the public association Crimean Solidarity.

Mumine Salieva highlighted that 25 of those children were severely diagnosed with illnesses accompanied by stress. ‘The psychosomatic and physiological abnormal changes in each child are reported by us almost every day. That is an important problem that has to be monitored by the ombudsmen, state and international institution on the children’s right defense’, the coordinator pointed out.