In Simferopol, the dwellers of one of a multi-storey house at Vorovskoy Street are being threatened that the radiators will be turned off by the Municipal Department of Krymteplokommunenergo if they do not rank their neighbor who is extracting water from the heating system.

The enterprise has put the advertisement at the entrance door and published it in the social networks. 

‘In your house, an unidentified tenant systematically disposes water from the central heat supply system’, the advertisement of the Municipal Department of Krymteplokommunenergo reads. 

The utilities folks are suggesting the residents to identify and rank their negligent neighbor on their own. Otherwise, on December 11th, they all will be left without the heat.

‘We are an enterprise that supplies the house with heat, so we do not have any right to enter the flats nor we have a right to interfere with the activity of the housing services and utilities as well as their management company. We ask them to tackle the problem and to sort everything out not to disrupt the system, especially now when each glass of water is on account’, enterprise representative Yulia Zhukova explained.

We should remind that since 7th September, in Simferopol and 39 residential places of Simferopol and Bakhchisaray Regions, the third and the severest stage of the limitations of water supply has started. Drinking water is supplied hourly, in the morning and evening.