As it was predicted, in Yalta, the “security forces” of the invaders began to massively take away assets from no longer needed local collaborators. The process reached a serious level, since the “Crimean prosecutor’s office” initiated “in the interests of the Council of Ministers” the seizure of an elite land plot in the village of Nikita from the “KVM” company Svetlana Romanenko, the wife of “acting chairman of the Yalta City Court” Vladimir Romanenko.

In early 2020, “judge” Vladimir Romanenko was sentenced by a Ukrainian court to 12 years in prison for high treason. At the end of 2020, the family of a high-ranking collaborator faced serious claims from the Russian invaders. The “cleansing” of Yalta, initiated by Putin’s friends Kovalchuk, in order to turn the resort into their feudal estate, touched upon the previously “untouchables”.

After all, Svetlana Romanenko is not only the wife of an influential “judge” who “decides questions”, but at the same time – “the chairman of the Yalta Bureau of Technical Inventory”. The family contracted “regulated” land issues “on a turnkey basis” – Svetlana prepared “Russian documents” for real estate and helped to carry out manipulations with the archive of legal Ukrainian documents, and Vladimir assisted in obtaining “court decisions” by customers.

Of course, such “family business” did not forget about themselves. The seizure by the Romanenko family of an elite plot in the resort village of Nikita above the famous Nikitsky Botanical Garden was formalized by the “documents” for the “KVM” company in the summer of 2016. They were signed by “the mayor of Yalta” Andrey Rostenko together with “the head of the department of property and land relations” Lilia Molostova and “vice-mayor for land and property issues” Tatyana Kukhteeva.

This land was put on the “republican register” by the “chairman of the State Register of the Crimea” Alexander Spiridonov. On the spot, Spiridonov was helped by Inna Fisina, who is now considered one of the confidants of the “mayor of Yalta” Yanina Pavlenko. The nominal director of the “KVM” firm of the Romanenko family is Mrs. Barabash – the namesake of the famous Yalta land “broker” Lilia Barabash, who now also deals with land, already as the “administration specialist” in Alushta.

The attack by the “prosecutor’s office” on the land of the “KVM” company of the Romanenko family creates an interesting precedent. After all, the initiated “investigation” of the “allocation of land without a competition” may mean the claims of the invaders to Rostenko, Kukhteeva, Molostova, Fisina, Spiridonov, as to people close to the “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksenov.

Regarding Inna Fisina, her status as a close associate of the current “mayor of Yalta” Yanina Pavlenko, when she “led” “Massandra”, is also important. Russian “security forces” can squeeze the land away from the Romanenko family by “eliminating violations of the law”, creating a precedent after which it is thus possible to start massively “squeezing out” each other’s disputed lands from the rest of the current inhabitants of the Southern coast of Crimea.

At the same time, taking the land from Romanenko means for punitive bodies of invaders recognizing the “commission of crimes” by the key “land administrators” of Sergei Aksenov. Without these people, Aksenov loses 80 % of his staff in the financially key land and property sphere, because in addition to the “Yalta group” he have only his relative, Yevgenia Dobrynya, as “chairman of the State Council’s land committee”.

But it will be risky to fail the Romanenko case, because then a precedent is created “on the ground” that the supposedly all-powerful friends of Putin, the Kovalchuk, cannot use “administrative resources” to clean up Yalta of collaborators they no longer need. And it is not accepted to retreat in the “Ozero” group of Vladimir Putin, otherwise you will be “eaten” by yesterday’s partners. However, the persecution of Aksenov’s “Yalta clan” seriously destabilizes the “internal situation” in the present-day Crimea, and the punishers understand this.

It is characteristic that for balance, the “siloviks” are simultaneously squeezing the elite village near Cape Martyan from the “speaker of the Crimean State Council” Vladimir Konstantinov, who heads another influential group of collaborators of the peninsula. In any case, such incidents undermine the already weak spirit of the “officials” protecting the interests of the Kremlin in Crimea.

Evgen Gaivoronsky Yalta-Kiev