On December 11, at the 10th Kyiv Criminal Law Forum, the issues of consideration by the courts of Ukraine of criminal proceedings on crimes committed in Crimea were discussed. In particular, the “ARC” experts raised the issue of the legal risks of the current order, determined not by the procedural code, but by the law on the occupied territories. According to the current procedure, “Crimean” cases are considered by one of the district courts of Kiev, for each separate proceeding determined anew by the Kiev Court of Appeal.

Assessing this situation, the speaker of the forum, the Judge of the Supreme Court Arkadiy Buschenko acknowledged the existence of this unsolved problem in the legislation. In his opinion, it has not yet become acute due to the relatively small number of cases that have already been distributed. However, in practice, Ukrainian law enforcement bodies are investigating hundreds of criminal proceedings, a significant part of which, sooner or later, must go through this procedure.