In Crimea, the occupying group of the Russian army is actively conducting exercises and combat training events. On December 7, at the “Angarsky” training ground, sniper training sessions of the Russian “Coastal Defense Brigade of the Army Corps of the Black Sea Fleet” (Perevalnoye Settlement, Simferopolsky Distrcit) took place.

Since December 8, the invaders have been holding the “operational mobilization gathering” in Crimea, in which representatives of the “military command bodies”, of the Black Sea Fleet, of the Air Force and Air Defense, as well as the commanders of formations, more than 300 officers of the Russian army, participate.

The “gathering” is being held as part of a general similar event on December 8-12 in the Southern Military District of Russia, under the personal leadership of the commander of the military district, Army General Alexander Dvornikov. With the participants of the “gathering”, a “command-staff war game” is conducted with the use of “field mobile command posts”, online lectures and educational films.

At the same time, as the “Information Bulletin of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation” shows, the tasks of the occupation army include the construction of water supply facilities for Sevastopol as the main base of the Black Sea Fleet. The work involved a “military construction complex”, which is actively carrying out the construction on the Belbek River “water treatment facilities with water pumping stations”, as well as “bucket water intake of river water” for 150 thousand cubic meters.

It is reported that this object will be commissioned in March 2021, and is now ready by a third; more than three hundred people and one hundred vehicles are involved in its construction, working around the clock, in two shifts. The specified water intake is planned to be made concrete, for its construction, among other things, there is a “clearing of the adjacent territory from wood plantations” by destroying more than ten hectares of unique forest.

Also, Russian military builders continue to construct the water conduit from the Kadykovsky quarry to the Chernaya River, with the planned completion of work by the new year 2021, its readiness already makes up two-thirds of the project. More than thirty military personnel and eight vehicles pieces were involved in the facility, trenches were dug and the construction of a floating pumping station began.