The local mouth of Moscow, “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov, announced a ban on any festive events in hotels and other accommodation facilities in Crimea during the 2020-2021 New Year holidays. Aksenov, in agreement with the Kremlin, explains these measures against the hospitality sector allegedly with the coronavirus pandemic. But in reality, Simferopol and Moscow are trying to hide the lack of water to ensure the normal operation of hotels, sanatoriums and private mini-hotels. The prohibition of New Year’s tourism in Crimea is also due to the fact that due to the lack of water on the peninsula there is nothing to heat the recreational infrastructure.

After reading the speech from the Kremlin, Sergei Aksyonov added on his own that he would “remove from the phone book all entrepreneurs violating the ban and deprive them of state support”. Translated into human language, those words mean that in the conditions of a water collapse, Moscow has deprived Aksenov of the authority to solve the issues of the remnants of the Crimean business for money and gave up trying to make a “good face on a bad game”. It is obvious that the Russian Federation does not need tourists as witnesses of the “water fiasco” of the Russian occupation taking place in Crimea.

In addition, recognizing the collapse of their economy in Crimea, which led to a lack of water even for basic needs, the Russian special services began to actively spread gossip among the population that Ukraine “will provide water through a canal to Crimea to restore good relations with the Russian Federation”. This company is designed to reduce the protest activity of Crimean residents in the conditions of the expected extremely difficult winter for the occupants.

Evgeny Gaivoronsky. Yalta-Kiev