Another collapse of the passenger berth occurred in the Crimea, when a pier at the Yalta sanatorium “Golden Beach” collapsed into the sea. This is the fourth destruction of the berth during the occupation and an excellent illustration of the results of the “federal target program”, according to which, by the fall of 2020, it was planned to reconstruct all the berths of the Southern coast of Crimea, from Sudak to Foros.

Upon the collapse of the berth near the Golden Beach in the Gaspra settlement of Big Yalta, the “Ministry of Emergency Situations” of the occupiers got off with reports that “the berth was taken out of service and was not used for navigation of passenger boats”. There are no comments from the “exploiting” the port infrastructure stolen from Ukraine and the ships of the “state unitary enterprise” “Crimean Sea Ports”. This is expected, because the incident in Gaspra fully illustrates the complete failure of the occupiers to establish coastal navigation in the gray zone.

Recall that in June 2016, the then “acting director of the Yalta Commercial Port” Viktor Chernykh officially announced that by October 2020, under the “federal target program”, the berths in Simeiz, Alupka, Miskhor, at the Swallow’s Nest, near the Nikitsky Botanical Garden, in Gurzuf, Partenit, Professor’s Corner, Alushta, Malorechensky and Sudak will be repaired.

Also he announced the reconstruction of three cargo berths of the Yalta Port in Otradnoye village. Then Chernykh did not report on the exact amount planned to be “cut” by this imitation of violent activity, however, the workers of the Yalta Port report that it was about several billion rubles. However, it was not possible to “master” this amount due to the constant struggle for the chair of “director of the Yalta Port” between criminal groups controlled by the Russian invaders.

As a result by 2020 in Simeiz, only some piles, sticking out of the sea in calm weather, remind on the pier. During the occupation, the destruction of the berths in Alupka, Miskhor, Alushta and Sudak, which until 2014 were used for sea excursion lines, also occurred.

In order not to lose summer profits due to the lack of berths, private shipowners, in most cases operating boats of the project 1340 “Alexander Grіn”, equipped the bows of their ships with suspended ladders and disembark passengers directly into the water in shallow beaches. In Sudak, in general, tourists from ships are disembarked directly into the sewage floating near the coast, as since the beginning of the occupation local sewage treatment plants have begun to work intermittently, and there are frequent cases of dumping feces into the sea from dozens of illegal hotels.

Shore protection infrastructure and berthing facilities are quite expensive objects. Taking into account the seismicity of Crimea and the corresponding increased requirements, the construction and operation of such facilities in the region requires significant costs, which the Russian “authorities” are unlikely to spend due to the complete uselessness of such infrastructure for the Russian Army and Navy.