As work on “Nord Stream – 2” was suspended a year ago due to United States sanctions, and due to its resume on December 5, a great deal of information is now emerging.

Thus, on the day of the resumption of work on “Nord Stream – 2”, the United States demanded that Germany stop the project, which considers it a political instrument of the Kremlin to split Europe. However, on December 5, two Russian pipelayer “Fortuna” and “Akademik Chersky” went to sea to the pipeline site.

At the same time, the United States does not change its rhetoric about this construction and agrees on new, tougher sanctions against the project.

For example, Harvard energy expert Benjamin Schmidt, suggested to send the “Nord Stream – 2” pipe segments to Ukraine to build housing for Crimean displased persons, who left the peninsula because of the Kremlin’s ongoing aggression.