The “Yalta City Council”, controlled by the invaders at its “session” agreed on “the appointment of Evgenia Bavykina as Vice-Mayor of Yalta”. Thus, the invaders sent the local criminals no longer needed to “graze” and left the mainland colonizers exiled to the Crimea at the drying up “budget” feeders.

As predicted by the “ARC”, Putin’s friends Yuri and Boris Kovalchuk began to liquidate Big Yalta and turn the resort into their “serf economy”. The occupants appointed a Muscovite Evgenia Bavykina to be in charge of property and land relations in the “Yalta administration”. Prior to her exile in Crimea, she participated in the high-profile looting of the largest housing and communal enterprise in the Russian Federation, subordinate to the Ministry of Defense, JSC “Slavyanka”, responsible for the household infrastructure of military towns throughout the empire.

In Moscow, this official, tested in her ability to “master funds” on an industrial scale, was given control over practically all the money on the Southern Coast of Crimea. After all, land and real estate today are the main and most expensive asset of both Big Yalta and Crimea in general, given the simplification and pruning of its economy since 2014.

Thus, Putin’s associates in the “Ozero” organized criminal group intend to “clean up” the no longer needed local collaborators. It is expected that the current “Mayor of Yalta” Yanina Pavlenko, who previously worked as the “director” of the “Massandra” winery sold to the Kovalchuks, will accompany the massive land acquisition from local users. Among other things, this will take place under the guise of “returning land plots to Massandra’s property” with the help of falsified “Soviet master acts”.

And earlier, Evgeny Bavykina, who worked as the “Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea” and “Deputy Director” of the “Massandra” winery under the leadership of the same Pavlenko will “cut off oxygen” to all operations with land, real estate and constructions and will be constantly squeezing out plots from local residents in favor of the aforementioned father and the son of the Kovalchuk.

In addition to corruption at “Slavyanka”, Bavykina is already known for land scandals in Crimea. During the development of the “master plan for Yalta”, a Muscovite tried to “return to the property” of “Massandra” a huge piece of land on which a part of the Autka village outside the Yalta bypass is located. The village is inhabited mainly by Crimean Tatars, and some “supporters of the Kremlin” from the organization “Milli Firka”, not numerous among the Tatars, live just in this compact settlement.

So then a grandiose scandal erupted behind the doors of the “Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea”. A situation could have arisen in which some natives of Autka and some other territories affected by Bavykina’s long hands, who had previously publicly thanked the invaders for “the happiness of living in the family of the peoples of Russia”, will organize protests in Simferopol. And that these individual collaborators, although few in number, but maximally “promoted” by Russian propaganda in recent years, will accuse the authorities of “black ingratitude” in response to “Putin’s support” and participation in shooting pictures for Russian media.

Then the leaders of the “master plan developers’ from the “Geoplan Institute” reported to the “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksenov that the “Crimean authorities” would suffer enormous reputational damage and would cause strong anger in the Kremlin if such incident will occur. Bavykina was forbidden to touch Autka, and then she was transferred through the Kovalchuks to the “Massandra” winery in the role of “deputy director” to help Yanina Pavlenko prepare the enterprise for the “sale” of the “Ozero” group.

It is interesting that Bavykina and Pavlenko carried out “purchases” for 6.4 billion rubles through “Massandra”, and “delivered products” only for 109 million rubles [1]. That is, even in preparation for the sale, the “Massandra” winery served as a giant “laundry” for the Kremlin criminals and allowed them to launder about $ 92 million. As for the Crimean Tatars of Yalta, of course not everyone was “lucky” to live next to the functionaries of “Milli Firka” so the new “city government” will certainly continue to look for all possible ways to “get hold of land” for the construction of high-rise buildings for the colonialists.