In Sevastopol, residents are massively discussing the situation of systemic cruel treatment of animals by the “authorities”. After a high-profile story of mockery of stray dogs in the shelter, the head of the “city budgetary institution” “Parks and Squares” was “fired”.

This happened after on December 1, 2020, animal rights activists and the public found corpses and still barely living puppies (in fact, skeletons) in a city animal shelter, which worked under a “state contract”. At the same time, shocking photographs of the animals contained there in social networks became the reason for going to the “dog concentration camp” [1]. After a massive discussion of the facts of slaughter by residents of the city, the occupants were forced to start “checking” the shelter, which ended with a corresponding “decision”.

Actually, the background of the scandal is that “Parks and Squares” signed a “state contract” with LLC “Sevastopol Center of Law” for the capture of animals. It was the “lawyer and leader” of this “center of law” Andrei Geftman who for a long time “denied rumors” of mass killing, accusing the animal rights activists of lying. At the same time, the Geftman’s shelter itself successfully masters the “state order” for 22 million rubles on dogs, according to which 502 rubles are spent on the maintenance and feeding of each animal per day, according to the “acts of completed work”, allocated by the customer, thereby the “enterprise” “Parks and squares” [2].

After that, the “head of the department of municipal services” Yevgeny Gorlov assured the population of the occupied city that “everything will change”. After all, now the same enterprise “Parks and Squares” was instructed to “check the work” of the “Sevastopol Center of Law” twice a day. Of course, it would be ironic that with the current attitude of the occupiers to human rights, it is absurdly to suspect them of some kind of love for our ‘smaller brothers’. Well, and a couple of tens of millions of rubles a year for the entire “food chain” from the “lawyer-flayer” to the “governor” of course “do not roll on the road”.

But the facts. documented by the Sevastopol residents, are too inhuman. And besides, the Sevastopol dogs, unlike the inhabitants of the “hero city”, have no choice at all. Unlike animals, the townspeople, for example, can silently endure the occupation or leave the city. It means that we are responsible for these animals.