Earlier, “ARK” has already talked about the conflict between the “Cossack associations” controlled by the Russian services of the occupied Crimea and Transnistria for the “Black Sea Cossack Troops” brand [1].

Now another tragicomic “friendship incident” has arisen between these occupying administrations. Recently, the “Transnistrian Republican Bank” issued a “commemorative coin” “Hero City Sevastopol” from the series “Hero Cities of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945” with a face value of “25 Transnistrian rubles” [2].

It would seem that this time the event took place without obvious punctures that happened when a previous similar “coin” was issued, dedicated to Novorossiysk. Then Russian bloggers were indignant about the mistake in the name of the city, where one letter “C” was “rubbed”, which made the inscription almost Ukrainian-language. The “bank” then apologized for a “technical error” and promised buyers, if they wanted, could “return the money” [3].

However, the new “coin” does not indicate the state affiliation of Sevastopol, which can be regarded as another round of “petty dirty tricks” between Tiraspol and Crimea, or rather, between the groups of Russian special services that control the “authorities” of these “republics” and “cities of federal significance”.

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