In the social networks, the citizen of Simferopol published the photos with the comments on the condition of the artificially impounded water body in Chernorechensk as of 28th November 2020.  

‘The bed of the Baga River flowing into the artificially impounded water body has been transformed into a kind of mudbath. The incoming water is dirty and has foam and odour of waste waters. Besides, in the water body buffer zone, the cattle graze. The fence has rather a conventional meaning as far as there is no guard and the passway is free. The water level is catastrophic. There are hundreds of meters from the willows, the roots of which sank in water, to the river waters’, the users of the social networks write.      

Since 7th September, in Simferopol and 39 human settlements of Simferopol and Bakhchysarai Regions, the third and the strictest stage of the limitations in water supply started due to drought and   shallowing in the artificially impounded water bodies. At present, drinking water is being supplied hourly, in the morning and evening.

The main reason of such strict measures is drought as well as shallowing both of the Crimean artificially impounded water bodies and the rivers that feeding them. Moreover, water scarcity was resulted from the energetic activity of the occupying military formation, the function of the seized manufacturing enterprises and the Russians’ overpopulation of Crimea, as well.