In Yevpatoria, the occupying authority refused to provide the certificate and presidential allowance dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of the Victory Day for the underaged concentration camp prisoner. Thus, 15 year-old Nikolay Aleksandrovich Nemirovannyi was forced into laboring in Germany where he stayed to 20th May 1946. The man had all the necessary documents on him. Then, 95 year-old Nikolay Aleksandrovich asked the court to solve his problem and, during 5 months, he tried to see justice done. However, he was unable to get into the ear of those who have deprived the person of all his merits with a dash of the pen. In October this year, Mr. Nemirovannyi passed away.

Perhaps, that happened because the documents were given by the Ukrainian authority. On the other hand, perhaps, it is the indifference to the veterans and the underaged concentration camp prisoners that is to blame. As far as, the bomfoggery on the great victory, which is so meaningful for the Russian Federation, disguise a propaganda and mind control targeted at the certain categories of the Crimean citizens as well as the people of Russia itself.  That is not about the care and support of those who directly took part in the events of those years.  

That is an indication and evidence of the indifference of the occupying authorities to the destinies of those who have got in the wheels of the reprisals of the war of Hitler whose policy is often compared with Putin’s policy.