On November 25, 2020, the French Senate almost unanimously adopted a Resolution “On the Need to Recognize the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic”.

The initiators of the document were deputies from the center-right party “Republicans” (formerly “Union for a Popular Movement”), founded by former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who declared his sympathies for Russia openly and worked with the Kremlin closely.

It is worth to remind that Senator Thierry Mariani, another representative of the Republicans in the Senate, has repeatedly, in close cooperation with the services of the Russian Federation, made various attempts to “legitimize” the attempt to annex Crimea. However, right now in France, the trial of ex-President Sarkozy for corruption and pressure on the investigation has begun.

This Senate Resolution, which does not in itself signify the recognition of “independent Karabakh” by France, does not particularly hide the real background of its adoption, including the background of an acute interpersonal conflict between the leaders of France and Turkey.

The resolution states, no more and no less, that “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in recent years has increased the number of provocations, intimidations and threats against France, Europe and other countries” and speaks of “Turkey’s expansionist policy” as “the main factor destabilization in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Near and Middle East, and now in the South Caucasus”.

Therefore, the authors of the resolution pursue a number of pragmatic goals that are extremely far from protecting the rights of peoples to self-determination. And very close to Russia’s position on creating a belt of instability from fake state formations existing on the bayonets of “Russian peacekeepers”.

And the real French policy on such issues is clearly visible in the example of post-imperialist wars in Africa, where the support of Islamist dictators is accompanied, for example, by the bloody suppression of the Tuaregs’ many years of struggle for their very right to exist. Of course, the French Senate does not pass any resolutions regarding their genocide done by their “friendly regimes”.

There are also no resolutions of the French Senate on the situation in New Caledonia, where protests against the falsifications of the long-promised to Indigenous Kanak People independence referendum, passed on October 4, are ongoing. According to the local colonial authorities, for the independence of Caledonia from France last month was not enough “a couple of percent of the vote”.

But it is precisely the voters of New Caledonia, and not visits to Crimea, that should theoretically be dealt with by Senator Thierry Mariani, elected from a foreign constituency, including the French citizens of Oceania.

Now we should wait for the reaction of the French Government and personally of Emmanuel Macron on the issue of supporting the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.