On November 23, 2020, at about 7.30 a.m. in Yalta, the upper floors of the city polyclinic, located on the street Palmyro Togliatti near the Spartak cinema, caught fire. The fire was extinguished by two tanks, and 20 people were evacuated from the burning building without waiting for firefighters to arrive. The fire destroyed the security post of the polyclinic, the fire severely smoked the facade and walls of the building. After the accident, rescuers made a statement that the cause of the fire “is not clear”, they will try to establish it by inspection.

We will remind, it is the same building where on May 21, 2018 the pensioner from Foros settlement Anatoly Cherevichny committed suicide [1]. For two months, local doctors refused to treat him and could not determine the cause of the terrible pain that tormented the man. After another refusal of medical care, Cherevichny threw himself out of the window of the Yalta polyclinic.

It is worth noting that the pensioner was denied assistance due to the “rules of medical institutions” established by the Russian de-facto “authorities”. The standards of the “authorities” gives to medicals 15 minutes to receive the patient, the reception is assessed not by the fact of recovery or improvement, but by the quality of the completed reports only. Based on internal prescriptions, the doctor is not interested in referring the patient for treatment under the “insurance policy”, because the more costs the “doctor” brings the doctor with his referrals for treatment, the less he receives and so ridiculous salary.

Cherevichny’s tragedy had a great resonance far beyond Yalta and pushed the “authorities” to their typical solution – the “mayor of Yalta” Alexei Chelpanov solemnly opened the fake ambulance station in Foros, that is a far settlement of Big Yalta [2]. The facility again became a non-working dummy without identification marks immediately after the “official ceremony”.

By 2020, the collapse of medicine in Greater Yalta was complete: clinics in the villages were closed, most narrow specialists were reduced, and it was openly announced that one medical and obstetric center would operate for the region of 150,000. Along the way, the de-facto “authorities” destroyed a children’s hospital and a women’s clinic already, as their lands attracted the attention of Sergei Aksenov, the “head of the Crimea”, and Andrei Kozenko, a “deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation”, a lobbyist for the “Donbass republics”. Residents of Yalta suspect that the fire in the only remaining polyclinic for ordinary citizens is a preparation for its elimination for “elite housing” construction. In addition, the elimination of water-consuming medical high-rise buildings can “save” water for the villas under construction of the Russian “elites”.

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