As the so-called Department of the Statistics on Crimea and Sevastopol affirms the prices of the agricultural products vendors, especially the prices on the stockbreeding products (10.5% of increase), rose in October 2020 by 7% in comparison with the September prices.  

‘The stockbreeding products have become more expensive. Their cost has risen by 10.5% while the crop production cost has risen by 2.2%. What concerns the stockbreeding products, the poultry price has become 13.5 % higher and the eggs price has risen by 11.8%. Those are the highest monthly value. The same goes for the crop production. It has been noticed that the red beet price has become 19.8% higher, sunflower seeds cost has risen by 12,2%, corn price has become 10.9% higher, carrot value has risen by 6.7%, grapes value has become 5.5% higher, wheat price has risen by 3.0%, and potato price has become 2.9% higher’, the KRYMSTAT press service reports.