Crimean social activists report that in Simferopol, the eviction of militants of the “self-defense of Crimea” from the hostel on the Russkaya street, 103-a. This is the finale of a long-running farce that began with corruption scandals and continued with the intention of the “Ministry of Property and Land Relations of the Republic of Crimea” to take [1] away from “self-defense” the building, given to them by the “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksenov.

A few pro-Russian users of the Crimean social networks “press for pity” and cry for help “to be deported with minors”. Of course, children, in principle, cannot be evicted, but it is fair to say that, among other things, because of the actions of the “self-defense of Crimea”, thousands of Crimean residents, including minors, were evicted. And those who could not escape the Russian occupation died, in particular at the hands of the “self-defense” militants controlled by the special services of the Russian Federation and the “head of Crimea” Aksenov. Including leaving a large number of Crimeans orphans.

It is interesting that earlier this hostel was involved in corruption squabbles and scandals about the seizure of the hostel areas for the needs of the relatives of the “self-defense commanders” [2]. These conflicts, in a strange way, began immediately after the “Crimean authorities” with the help of “self-defense” completed a large-scale “nationalization” campaign, under the brand name of which these bandits seized Ukrainian property in Crimea. They paid off with “self-defense” permission to plunder a strictly delineated group of captured objects.

After the completion of the “nationalization”, no new work was found for the “self-defense” and they decided to dissolve the waste material. Of course, the term “self-defense” invented by the invaders in relation to the Crimean militants is incorrect. This is a full-fledged terrorist organization, which was led by the Russian FSB in the spring of 2014. As part of the long-term preparation for the “Crimean spring”, the Russian special services on the basis of the controlled group “Saylem” have previously formed an asset from the local Crimean bandits.

Closer to the acute phase of the Russian invasion of Ukrainian Crimea, the ranks of “self-defense” were joined by physically strong marginalized, hoping to receive “tons of freebies” from the Kremlin as payment for anti-Ukrainian crimes. In February-March 2014, “self-defense” was a “human shield” for the Russian military, who in the form of green men without identification marks seized strategic Ukrainian targets.

Also, “self-defense” is called one of the perpetrators of abductions and murders of Crimean pro-Ukrainian activists initiated by the FSB of the Russian Federation. After such outright cannibalism, the Kremlin even allowed the most “authoritative” “self-defense field commanders” like Samvel Martoyan to loot the shops of Simferopol airport. Including as a payment for filming in propaganda videos “self-defense is preparing to meet trains of friendship with Bandera in Simferopol”.

It is significant that the loudest news about the “self-defense of Crimea” after 2014 was the scandalous news that the former “commander of the self-defense of Crimea” and now “deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation” Mikhail Sheremet severely beat a blind disabled person in Dzhankoy [3].

It is no less interesting that as part of the cleansing of no longer needed “heroes of the Crimean spring” in the spring of 2020, Vitaly Akhmetov, an odious field commander of the “Yalta self-defense” [4], was detained in a mansion in the mountains above Yalta. [4] and now being in one of the pre-trial detention centers in Moscow with charge in “money loudering”.

Evhen Gaivoronsky. Yalta-Kiev