A citizen of Kerch told that he had been trying to find Ceftriaxone in the city. Nevertheless, he failed to find the medication. ‘I have been to all the drug stores and all the downtown pharmaceutical networks, in Voikov Street, and in Arshynstevo. Everywhere, they have told me the same: ‘We do not have any antibiotics available’, a citizen of Kerch told us.

In one of the drug stores, the pharmacist explained that the necessary medications were sold two weeks ago. The worker of the drug store also suggested selling the antibiotics in pills, which were available at that moment, but she warned me they were not effective.

In such circumstances, the people of Crimea have to fight the spread of the coronavirus disease all over the peninsula. There is a scarcity of physicians. There are either not enough beds in the hospitals or sovietdom circumstances. In addition, there are no necessary medications available in the drug stores.