In Crimea, there is a section of the federal highway TAVRIDA left. It costs 6 bln. roubles. The highway was tested by so-called Chief of Crimea Sergey Aksenov in February 2019. He declared that he did not have any claims to those who carried out the repair.  Later, at the solemn opening ceremony, Vladimir Putin was present.   

Thus, the section of the bypass road DUBKI-LEVADKI, which is almost eight meters long, slid down into the side ditch, the polymer mesh detached from the soil, and the concrete trays were broken to pieces. The crushed aggregate was washed off so much that one could see the defence barrier of the road. At the same time, the warranty period for TAVRIDA is from 4 to 8 years. 4 years of warranty are provided for the third upper coating layer.  

The given section of the highway was constructed by the workers of the OOO SIBAVTOBAN. In 2016, the former head of the Highway Service of the Republic of Crimea was convicted for three years of prison for the approval of the design documents for the construction of the bypass road DUBKI-LEVADKI. He was accused of having concluded a public contract with the SIBAVTOBAN, pursuant to which the value of the construction materials was overrated for more than 900 mln. roubles. What concerns an overall price of the contract, it amounted to 6.14 bln. roubles, according to the Federal Special Purpose Program. However, it turned out the claims could not be made to anyone as far as the SIBAVTOBAN had been recognized to be a bankrupt.

It is worth taking into account that the mentioned problems connected with the execution of the big state-guaranteed orders on the peninsula are common phenomena as far as that is an excellent way for a rent-seeking behavior.

Lots of Crimean facilities, such as the apartment houses, land lots, dachas, and memorials being adjacent to the highway route, were provided for the project. The occupying Crimean authorities pompously call the highway TAVRIDA one of the crucial projects of social and economic development of Crimea. Nevertheless, the Crimean people called the TAVRIDA a death highway because a lot of car accidents happening there often have a lethal ending. In spite the fact that the movement of the heavy-duty vehicles is prohibited on that highway, the trucks, lorries, and the defense technology move over it.  

Thus, for example, only within the first 5 months, since the day when the highway was opened, the activists have estimated that 19 people have died on the TAVRIDA while on the old highway only 4 people died. That is almost 5 times higher. The figures write themselves, so the TAVRIDA is a death highway.