They decided to deprive Vladimir Konstantinov, the Speaker at the Crimean State Council, of the land lot in Nikitsky Botanic Garden according to the ‘arbitration proceedings’ of the Russian Property, Ministry of Education & Science, and Nikitsky Botanic Garden.  The oppositional media controlled by the RF secret services are spreading that news under the title ‘Mr.Konstantinov is deprived of the Coast He Seized in the Times When Crimea Belonged to Ukraine’. That is another kind of attempt to blame the consequences of the criminal Russian occupation of Crimea, which has been lasting for many years, on Ukraine. That attempt is different to the previous ones. 

That attempt was targeted at the key Gauleiter of the peninsula Vladimir Konstantinov with a nickname Resident Engineer or ‘Prorab’. The Konstantinov who, in 2017, flamboyantly stated that ‘all the common Crimean people are to be dishoused to the fourth line of the sea while the first line is to be built up with the exclusive hotels and appartments’. Two years later, Konstantinov himself turned out to be ‘inadequately exclusive’ on the Kremlin’s opinion. So, he got a Black Mark for the deportation to the fourth line.

The occupants claim that they are going to abolish the 2003-Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea through the trial. According to the Resolution, 3.7 ha of the rose garden of Nikitsky Botanic Garden was conceded to the OOO Scientific Research Institute of Naturopathy and Phytotherapy. Under the guise of the Institute, on the land lot, the exclusive dachas of Konstantinov clan appeared.  

The mentioned ООО Scientific Research Institute of Naturopathy and Phytotherapy was registered for Yekaterina Konstantinova, Prorab’s daughter. Besides, the enterprise was recorded in both the Ukrainian and Russian registers. It is more likely the company is used for laundering the black cash from Crimea within the legitimate Ukrainian legal framework. Moreover, studying the links of the enterprise of Konstantinov’s daughter, we can discover the founder of the organisation is Seychellois off-shores as well as Yalta and Simferopol companies registered in the Ukrainian jurisdiction [3], including the mafia enforcer appointed by Konstantinov in Yalta, i.e. Valentin Shimanovsky whose son Konstantin is a Chairman of Yalta City Council.

The interesting fact is that the intention of the occupants on abolishing the decision of the Ukrainian Council of Ministers of Crimea was approved seventeen years ago and is initially an illegal absurd even in the circumstances of the occupying jurisdiction.  It is not clear how the occupants are going to fight the company, which was registered for Konstantinov’s daughter possessing two packages of documents. Therefore, that all is not about the ‘arbitration’ but rather about a commonplace forcible takeover. The bandits seized the property of other bandits. We also can observe that Konstantinov’s companies and his people are staying above the radar. It is very likely that a force elimination of the Crimean collaborates’ business is being prepared as far as the collaborates have become useless for the Kremlin. 

The FSB have a concern in pressurizing Konstantinov. Certainly, they follow their classical manuals, doing that. The narrative on the sites, which are affiliated to their secret service, indicates that fact. The sites report: “The Ukrainian authority has illegally allotted the land lots of Nikitsky Botanic Garden for Konstantinov’s companies in 2003”. In their reports there are driving at Sergey Kunitsyn, the former Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea [4]. It is very likely that Oleg Belaventsev, the ‘Honourable Consul of Nicaragua, one of the masterminds of the armed seizure of Crimea in 2014, and pal of Crimean Chief Sergey Aksenov, leads grabbing Konstantinov’s exclusive coastal dachas. 

Besides, the secret services of the Russian Federation use their puppet media to spread the rumours, telling that Konstantinov’s dacha in Nikita have become a residence and a place of communication of the ‘delegations’ of ‘the Donbas Republics’, Abkhazia, and South Ossetia. That was possible thanks to Belaventsev’s involvement. That can be considered an indication showing that the Kremlin has become tired of using Konstantinov as a mediator in the ineffective ‘people’s diplomacy’ as well as the one who is involved in a rent-seeking behaviour during the tours of the political guest workers in Crimea.   

In addition, the emphasis on the fact that Konstantinov’s dacha is being taken away through the trial indicates that the Kremlin is eliminating the Crimean collaborates by using the same collaborates. After all, the Supreme Court of Crimea is headed by Igor Radionov, a very close partner of Igor Gotsalov who is an alpha dog controlling Sergey Aksenov’s cash common fund in Greater Yalta. 

It is interesting but Gustalov and his allies will become the next ones who will be thrown by the Kremlin in the fire in present-day circumstances in Crimea. After all, it was Igor Gutsalov, ‘night governor of Massandra’ Anatoliy Motlokhov as well as a number of Sergey Aksenov and Andrey Rostenko’s false persons for whom a great many of assets were registered in Greater Yalta including those, which are on the wine-making land lots. Those assets will be also compulsory grabbed by Ex-Prime Minister of the RF Dmitri Medvedev and the bank Russia as well as Yuriy Kovalchuk, Putin’s ally and a member of the group OZERO, using the tricks with the documents. After all, as the ARK have previously written, it was those Putin’s partners who decided to seize for themselves the enormous areas of the vineyards of the winery Massandra, Magarach Institute, and the adjacent land lots of Nikitsky Botanic Garden [5].