In Sevastopol, the master builder has not managed to deliver the project of the state construction on time. Thus, on December 1st, 2020, in the city, the construction of the sport and fitness complex in Gaven Street, in Streletskaya Bay, must be completed.  However, nowadays, the facility has been completed for only about 55%. So, it means that the project will not be delivered on time.

The public contract executive is ООО The First Energy Company, which must construct the modern two-storey building of the sports complex almost for 85 mln. roubles. 

It is worth drawing attention that, up to that moment, the executive has not worked in Crimea. All his facilities were located in … Perm’. That has always been typical of many ambitious and costly constructions on the peninsula. 

ООО The First Energy Company explains that the construction has not been completed on time due to the force-major circumstances. However, in the beginning of September, the ‘officials’ and the representatives of the master builder assured that the construction was done according to the plan, so the sport and fitness complex would be completed and delivered on time, i.e. on December 1st, 2020. Nevertheless, the rent-seeking behaviour of the Crimean officials and Russian public contract executives as well as the other circumstances, as always, have become an obstacle for delivering the project on time.

Now, the so-called ‘Department of the Capital Construction’ stated that they were going to claim about 2 mln. roubles for the delay in the period of the work execution.

‘We have made an alternative decision to terminate the contract and hire a new executive on the project’, they told us in the Department.