The occupying authorities of Somferopol will not have made the promised recultivation of the land fill in Kamyenka by the end of the year. That was reported by Anatoliy Rusin, the Deputy Chief of the Town Administration.

‘Yesterday, we together with the engineering supervision, at the land fill, held offsite technical council, discussed the overhaul schedule, comparing it with the previously-done works mentioned in it and according to which there are disadvantages, so we understood that the works would not have been completed by the end of the year’, the official said. 

Nevertheless, in August this year, ‘the authorities’ of Simferopol affirmed that the works on the recultivation of the land fill in Kamyenka were being done according to the schedule and were about to be finished. 

At the same time, Sergey Aksenov who is the RF-controlled Chief of Crimea offered to impose the vindictive damages on the contractor and officials being responsible for the recultivation of the land fill.  

Let us remind that the main town land fill is located in Kamyenka and was officially closed in 2017 for the recultivation. The construction of the large complex for rubbish recycling is being done over there.