Police detained activist Vladimir Shipitsyn during a regular Saturday protest in support of Crimean Tatars, organised by Strategies-18 in St. Petersburg, Russian mass media inform. Vladimir was wearing a T-shirt with tamgha, and holding a Ukrainian flag and a poster ‘Freedom for prisoners of Hizbut-Tahrir Case’.

Police officers reportedly detained six protesters.  Shipitsyn fell down during detention. While he was on his way down, the plastic flagstick he was holding, knocked off a cap from a police officer. The Gatchina investigation department of the investigation directorate in Leningrad Oblast initiated criminal proceedings pursuant to Article 318 Use of violence against a public official of Russia’s Criminal Code. The activist was sent to a temporary holding facility.

Background: Russian activists untied in a continuous protest called Strategies-18 as a tribute to deportation of Crimean Tatars on 18 May 1944. They hold street protests on the 18th every month.