The end of 2020 was marked for the Crimean residents with another headache in dealing with the “authorities”. The “administrations” of the peninsula’s settlements in November launched a campaign to “urgently streamline the land usage”. It is worth recalling that Russians regulated the seizure of land and real estate since 2014, but the occupiers postponed “for later” a lot of issues of frequent ownership of small land plots, obviously not having time to quickly “re-register them in accordance with Russian laws”.

In particular, it was about garages, buildings and plots in garden, summer cottage and garage cooperatives, which are important for literally hundreds of thousands of Crimean inhebitants. The occupiers consider these properties mainly as preferential rent on “state and municipal land”. The occupying “powers” have given a period for the “re-registration” of the “tenants”, first time until the beginning of 2020, later extended until March 2021, and for certain categories of users – until 2023.

However, the owners of garages and summer cottages were in no hurry to “re-register” the documents, which was “promoted” by the unprecedented bureaucracy and corruption of the “authorities” on this issue. Now the occupants are faced with a situation when the term for “re-registration” is expiring on the peninsula and at the same time tens of thousands of ‘dacha’ owners and motorists are still operating with Ukrainian documents.

It is noteworthy that in some towns of the Crimea, not “re-registered” garages are already massively demolished by the “authorities” even before the end of the period indicated by them. It should be expected that in the spring of 2021, the invaders will begin to demolish massively summer cottages in Crimea, at least for such persons who have not received the occupational “Russian passport”, or who for other reasons cannot, do not want, or will not have time to “re-register” them. It is expected that the lands of the “disbanded” dacha cooperatives will be transferred for the construction of housing complexes for the needs of the Russian colonialists.