On November 6, 2020, the former “police officer” Maxim Chernoivanov and his son broke down the door to the apartment of the Yalta public activist Ludvika Papadopulu. This happened two weeks after the resonant “decision” of the Yalta “court”, which on the complaint of Papadopoulou was forced to recognize the local “police” as non-existent on formal grounds [1].

This “decision” was made following a complaint by this civil activist about the actions of “police officers” who tried to “to hold accountable” the activist, using the traditional occupiers’ “technology”. And now, angry at previous failures, the burglars entered L. Papadopoulou’s apartment and acted there with particular fury, breaking down the internal doors [2]. The victim was forced to call also the “official police”, whose arrival became, in fact, the power reinforcements of the raiders.

Let us remind, that the oppression of L. Popadopulu by the fused Yalta “authorities” and criminals continues throughout the years of occupation. In addition to the dissatisfaction of the “authorities” with the public’s coverage by activist of the situation of their plunder of Yalta, this aggression is connected with the banal desire of local organized crime to seize an apartment in the city center, where a woman lives with a minor son.

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