Since the beginning of November 2020, the invaders have closed the famous Sunny Trail – the tourist mountain-forest route of Big Yalta between the Livadia Palace and the “Rosa Luxemburg” sanatorium in Gaspra. Responsibility for blocking access to the world famous route was assumed by a “Federal State Budget Unit” “United Directorate of Specially Protected Natural Areas “Reserved Crimea””. The event signals the intensification of the plunder of Crimea by the invaders and an attempt to completely restrict “non-elite Crimeans” access to the invaders` villas, expensive hotels and to the remains of wildlife.

The sun trail is 6.7 kilometers long, it is 119 years old, its other name is “Horizontal”, because it runs along the terraces of the mountain slopes and does not have sharp descents and ascents. Such a trail was made on the recommendation of doctors, for walks and treatment with a mixture of mountain, forest and sea air. Until 2020, the trail was freely used by everyone who at first did not see the catch in the fact that the vicinity of the sight was actively built up with skyscrapers and palaces of Russian colonialists.

Today, the invaders decided to restrict access to the protected area, saying that access will be possible only with passes, which will also be paid. Subsequent statements by the “Yalta administration” that the announced passes would be “free” were attempts to hush up the scandal. The Crimeans know that during the years of occupation, everything captured and closed by the Russian Federation was never opened for general access, which was everywhere in Crimea until 2014.

The beneficiaries of the closure of the Solar Trail by agreement with Moscow are: Oleg Tsarev, the failed “speaker of Novorossia” who took possession of the Children’s Sanatorium in Gaspra, also as the right hand of the “head of Crimea” Aksenov Andrey Rostenko, who has shares in the new high-rise buildings “Diplomat” along the route, as well as the owners of the adjacent to the route of the “Palmira-Palace” Hotel, the family of “authoritative businessmen” Ponomarenko, also as the main sanatorium of the Russian church “Nizhnyaya Oreanda”, as well as the new “owner” of the Livadia Palace, “Orthodox oligarch”, sponsor of the “republics of Donbass” Konstantin Malofeev. What is happening has become the implementation of the famous statement of “the speaker of the State Council of Crimea” Vladimir Konstantinov that “Crimeans should be evicted to the fourth line from the sea, and the vacated space should be given for elite apartments and hotels”.

Simultaneously with the closure of the Solar Trail, the invaders blocked access to the territory of the park of the Palace of Countess Panina in Gaspra, which also caused indignation of the population. Even the “pro-government” Yalta bloggers like Svetlana Markova threatened Russians with a classic “riot on their knees”, because “people were cut off from the opportunity to walk on Gaspra.”

Earlier, the occupants practiced closing nature to the population in the park of the Vorontsov Palace, which was fenced for this purpose. Numerous video messages from residents of Alupka to the “authorities” on this matter predictably did not lead to anything.