In Feodosia, after the rainfalls, the recently repaired sewerage burst. Thus, after the rainfalls, in the centre of the city, in Kuibyshev Street, near the delicatessen shop Tsentralnyi, the sewerage ran.

The citizens of the city are indignant because, for many years, it is in the yard of the house with a nearby delicatessen shop Tsentralnyi where the sewerage pipes have constantly burst in spite of the recent pipeline overhaul and reconstruction. This year, in March, in the region of the junction of Kuibyshev Street and Ukrainskaya Street, the overhaul and reconstruction were made by the enterprise Water of Crimea, and the water supply and sewerage networks were changed. Nevertheless, after the rainfalls, a liquid with a sewerage odor flew into the yard again. 

It is worth mentioning that the occupying authorities claimed they had spent 18 mln. roubles for the above mentioned overhaul.